Men Care More About Having Fancy Kitchens Than Women Do

A survey of prospective homebuyers reverses certain stereotypes about gendered desires

Online Students Give Better Reviews to Professors They Think Are Male

Even if the teachers were actually women, if the students thought they were men, the bias stuck

Why Do Families Move for Men's, But Not Women's, Careers?

Men choose jobs that are less flexible in location

40 Percent of Adult Internet Users Have Been Harassed Online

Harassment runs rampant online

Computer engineers working on Cray Supercomputers in 1983

What Happened to All the Women in Computer Science?

The low numbers of female computer science majors may have roots in the mid-1980s and the rise of personal computers

Astronaut Mae Jemison in the Spacelab in 1992.

The Case for Sending Women to Mars

Because women are smaller than men, they're cheaper to send into space

General Robinson, right, is handed the Pacific Air Forces flag during a ceremony yesterday.

General Lori Robinson Takes Charge of the Pacific as Air Force’s First Female Major Command Leader

Robinson joins the short list of female four-star generals

In Norway, 12-year-old Thea has become the poster girl for putting an end to child marriage around the world.

The Fake Story of a Blond Child Bride Made This the Most Visited Blog in Norway

The campaign is meant to increase awareness and also is seeking sponsors of individual girls

I don't mind being nursed along, ca. 1915: In addition to being associated with loose morals and lower class status, private duty nurses at the turn of the century were also often portrayed as romantic love interests for their patients.

The Evolution of the Nurse Stereotype via Postcards: From Drunk to Saint to Sexpot to Modern Medical Professional

A postcard exhibit at the National Library of Medicine shows how the cultural perception of nurses has changed over the decades

Women Get More Politically Engaged When Their Senator Is Also Female

Women no longer lag far behind men in political savvy when they have a female leader to look toward

Approximately a Third of Americans Have Been the Victim of Sexual Violence

The CDC's latest rape and sexual violence statistics are just as disturbing as ever

Home-Cooked Meals Are a Burden on Women

Cash- and time-strapped moms often feel pressured to cook meals for unappreciative kids and men

A Few Small Changes Could Make the U.S. Military Trans-Inclusive

A new report outlines the logistics of letting the estimated 15,500 transgender individuals already in the military serve openly

Women Now Outnumber Adolescent Boys in the Gamer Community

Smartphones likely explain the sudden spike in the number of female gamers

How do you want to behave today?

Give Someone a Virtual Avatar and They Adopt Stereotype Behavior

People behave differently depending on the appearance of their digital avatar

Maryam Mirzakhani, a mathematician at Stanford University, won the Fields Medal for breakthroughs in geometry and dynamical systems.

This Female Mathematician Just Became the First Woman to Ever Win the Fields Medal

The Fields Medal is mathematics' equivalent to the Nobel Prize

Lack of Workplace Support Keeps Women Out of Engineering Careers

Aspiring female engineers say that they perceive little chance of advancing in their field

Circumcision Could Help Stem the Spread of HIV

Contrary to what researchers previously feared, men who undergo adult circumcision don't engage in overly risky behavior compared to uncircumcised ones

A mall in Beijing.

China's Extra Wide Ladies-Only Parking Spaces Sparked a Backlash Over Sexism

The mall that created the women-only spaces meant well, but their reasoning is indicative of a bigger problem

We Know Physics is Largely White and Male, But Exactly How White and Male is Still Striking

Most current physics students will likely never have an African American physics teacher, says a new survey

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