A pre-production sketch of Persephone, a human princess that served as a test run for Walt Disney's "Snow White."

Snow White Wasn’t the First Disney Princess

Dwarfs, meet Persephone

The transporter in this artwork is called the Clarke Clipper, after the British science-fiction author Arthur C. Clarke, who wrote about space elevators in his novel The Fountains of Paradise.

People Are Still Trying to Build a Space Elevator

Though key players have distanced themselves from the concept, a new film examines the continuing draw behind the sci-fi staple

Producers Irwin Winkler, Sylvester Stallone, Robert Chartoff with their Academy Awards for Rocky, 1977

Sylvester Stallone Joins an Oscars Elite Team: Actors Nominated Twice for the Same Role

The actor and writer who gave us Rocky Balboa (again and again and again) is the sixth member of this exclusive club

Suffragettes form a part of Emily Davison's funeral procession through London. She was a fellow campaigner who was trampled to death when, as a protest gesture, she tried to catch the reins of King George V's horse as it ran in the 1913 Epsom Derby.

The True History of Suffragette

Emily Wilding Davison was a tireless and ingenious activist for the cause of women's suffrage in Britain

Brown bears in Alaska’s Katmai

Why Robert Redford Loves America's National Parks

The famed actor and director celebrates the great outdoors of the United States in a new documentary

Richard Dreyfuss on Being Bernie Madoff

The versatile actor opens up about playing the banker in a new television miniseries and his close encounters with sharks and space aliens

In 1856, a Nantucket sailor sketched the killing of his crew’s “100-barrel” prize.

How Nantucket Came to Be the Whaling Capital of the World

Ron Howard's new film "In the Heart of the Sea" captures the greed and blood lust of the Massachusetts island

Inside the Collective That Turns VHS to Digital Video for Free

A team of media lovers wants to preserve your memories for history's sake

Bill Hader and Fred Armisen share a laugh at the Broadway Video offices in Beverly Hills, CA, surrounded by the tools of their trade for their new series, Documentary Now.

Why Bill Hader and Fred Armisen Are Parodying Documentaries in Their Latest, Ingenious Project

The "SNL" veterans behind the sly new series "Documentary Now" add a layer of authenticity to the art of sending up nonfiction films

Hedy Lamarr, mother of modern wifi.

Happy Birthday Hedy Lamarr, Hollywood Star Turned Scientist

The beauty had brains—after all, she invented the tech behind Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and GPS

Women observe anti-Semitic graffiti in Vienna in a film shot by an American in 1938.

Watch Rarely Seen Footage of Life in Nazi Austria, Thanks to a New Video Archive

The Ephemeral Films Project offers the public a chance to see what Jews experienced during the Anschluss

Daniel Craig as James Bond escapes villains in the Austrian Alps in Spectre, the latest 007 movie.

The Man With the Golden Passport: Travel the World of the New James Bond Movie

Follow the trail of Agent 007 in his latest film

"I think this thing will make Beethoven," Disney once said.

Disney's "Fantasia" Was Initially a Critical and Box-Office Failure

More than seventy-five years after its debut, a look back at the animated masterpiece

Robert Kondo, Remy in the Kitchen, "Ratatouille," 2007

The Art and Design Behind Pixar’s Animation

A new exhibition at the Cooper Hewitt in New York City draws on the rich backstory of what it takes to give computer-animated life to pen and ink sketches

There's a Fake Egyptian City Buried in California

The incredible, nearly forgotten story behind one of Hollywood's most expensive movie sets

Powers with a model of his cold war-era U-2, known as the "Dragon Lady." He was freed in an exchange for a Soviety spy in Germany in 1962.

Gary Powers Kept a Secret Diary With Him After He Was Captured by the Soviets

The American fighter pilot who's the focus of Bridge of Spies faced great challenges home and abroad

Director Federico Fellini had Sutherland’s eyebrows removed, built out his nose and chin, and partially shaved his forehead for the role of Casanova.

Donald Sutherland on Fellini, Near-Death and the Haunting Allure of Venice

What to Read, Watch and Download Before Your Trip to Venice

Know before you go

Orson Welles Wrote a 'Citizen Kane' Sequel

The greatest movie never made?

Alice with Tweedledee and Tweedledum in Disney's 1951 film

After Giving Us a New Spin on Oz, Gregory Maguire Takes on Wonderland

Alice is 150 years old, and the world is still wondering about her

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