Climate Change


Ground Thaw

Geographer Christopher Burn explains why permafrost is thawing

A gray reef shark swims over corals in remote Kingman Reef in the Line Islands. Researchers believe that a large number of sharks is indicative of healthy reefs.

Deep Trouble

Coral reefs are clearly struggling. The only debate for marine scientists is whether the harm is being done on a local or global scale


Turning the Tide

Our oceans are in trouble, says Nancy Knowlton. But it's not too late to do something about it

Nudibranchs (seaslugs) are favorite with amateur divers. The advent of SCUBA diving and digital photography has revolutionized how we document and describe these soft-bodied, shell-less gastropods.

Species Explosion

What happens when you mix evolution with climate change?

"If global warming's worst predictions come true in 100 years," says Fabio Carrera, "the real issue is preserving Venice as a liveable place—not stopping the occasional tide from coming in."

Venice's Uncertainty

A new floodgate system should protect the city from high tides—unless climate change interferes


Frozen in Time

Glaciers in the Pacific Northwest have recorded hundreds of years of climate history, helping researchers plot how quickly the planet is warming

A stone statue of Hatshepsut

Climate Change

Time often shapes perceptions

Building Sustainable Cities

The 227-city U.S. Mayors Climate Protection Agreement is just the beginning.


Al Gore Discusses "An Inconvenient Truth"

Environmentalist Al Gore talks about his new movie


Heavenly Harbingers

High altitude, night-shining clouds are becoming more common, which could signal climate changes


When Permafrost Isn't

Slowly rising temperatures are melting the frozen ground that underlies most land at high latitudes

A Census of the Wild

A government report takes a look at what we have left and where we are heading


Climate Is Often a Matter of Inches and a Little Water

Planners ignore microclimates at their peril: mistakes can mean frozen crops, lower house values and camper vans blown off the highway


Phenomena, Comment & Notes

Iceberg armadas and flickering climates: how one good idea led to more, and we appreciated anew the world's complexity

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