Climate Change

A false-color image of flooding in Bangkok, Thailand

Thailand’s Flooding, As Seen From Space

Bangkok residents have to avoid the crocodiles let loose by the flood


The Overwhelming Data We Refuse To Believe

Another study finds the planet has warmed, but that won't convince the skeptics

Could climate change (a drought in Tanzania) spark a violent conflict?

Does Climate Change Cause War?

The issue is more complex than recent headlines have indicated


There’s a Drought—Is It Climate Change?

Despite the heat waves across the country, no one is screaming "climate change is real" because of them. Why?

Still from Cars 2

Top Ten Kids’ Movies With a Green Theme

Loggers, hunters, developers, fishers, polluters and whalers are the evil villains in this movie genre

Trees grow at high elevations in the Rockies, fed by melting snow.

Rocky Mountains Losing Their Snow

A new study finds an unprecedented decline in snowpack in the West

The Great Barrier Reef

Ocean Acidification and the Battle Between Coral and Seaweed

Ocean acidification creates plenty of potential problems for life in the oceans, but corals might have it the worst


An Arctic Ozone Hole?


Five Reasons Anti-Evolution Measures are a Bad Idea


It's Getting Hot in Here


Climate Change and Winter Storms


Climate and the Fall of the Roman Empire


Ten Science Stories You Should Have Read

My ten favorite Smithsonian science and nature stories from the past year

Polar Bear at Cape Churchill (Wapusk National Park, Manitoba, Canada)

It's Not Too Late to Save the Polar Bear

In 2007, scientists from the USGS said that if humans didn't cut greenhouse gas emissions, two-thirds of the world's polar bears could be gone by 2050


Biodiversity Losses Could Be Bad for Your Health


Looking for New Discoveries in Old Data


It's Easy to Ignore Climate Change


Why Climate Change Brings Both More and Less Water


Colorado River One of Many Imperiled Waterways


Time to Stop Measuring Fuel Economy in MPG?

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