Climate Change

Volcanic ash from the Ejyafjallajokull eruption floats in the stratosphere.

Harvard Geoengineers Want To Fake a Volcanic Eruption


U.S. Faces Worst Drought Since 1956

Drought grips 55% of the US mainland causing a shortfall in crop production, with very low chances of it ending any time soon

Americans Are Really Bad At Living Green But Aren’t Too Upset About It

Americans are “confident that individual actions can help the environment,” while simultaneously, “trailing the rest of the world in sustainable behavior.”

A Farm in New South Whales, Australia

Climate Skepticism Could Wipe Out Whole Towns in Australia

Stubborn climate skeptic hold-outs now face more than just the rest of the world's scorn: Their towns might not be on the map in a few years

Climate Change Will Mean the World Eats Rice

The future under climate change indicates that rice will become an even more abundant staple, thanks to a boost in carbon dioxide that make crops thrive

More than 18,000 acres burned in Waldo Canyon.

Here’s What $110 Million in Fire Damage Looks Like

The Waldo Canyon fire in Colorado was the most destructive in the state's history


North Carolina Rep Pushes Wrong Button and Approves Fracking in the State

Fracking can go ahead in North Carolina, all because one tired legislator pushed the wrong button


The Genetic Engineering Plan to Turn Trees Black and Cool the World


The DC Derecho of 2012

A devastating storm swept through Washington Friday night. By Saturday morning we were all left wondering, "what in the world had happened?"

Eddi Tornberg’s self-powering desk

Body Heat From Your Seat Can Juice Your Laptop

Head of World’s Largest Oil Company Suggests Climate Change is No Big Deal

Speaking to the non-profit think tank Council on Foreign Relations, ExxonMobil CEO Rex Tillerson said that preventing climate change will be “manageable.”

The Colorado Springs fire has forced the evacuation of 32,000 residents.

Devastating Colorado Wildfires Most Recent in Decades-Long Surge


Sea Level Rising Three Times Faster Than Average on Northeast US Coast

A Midwest field circa 1936

70 Percent of Illinois Is In A Drought (And It’s Better Off Than Indiana)

Wind turbines in Pennsylvania

Scientists Save Bats and Birds from Wind Turbine Slaughter

Beautiful Infographic Charts Ugly Reality of Species Loss

Stunning View of Arctic Could Be Last of its Kind

Steven Amstrup has studied polar bears in the arctic for decades and seen the impacts of climate change firsthand.

Interview With Indianapolis Prize Winner and Polar Bear Researcher Steven Amstrup

Recognized for his role in animal conservation, Amstrup explains what climate change is doing to the arctic and what he's doing to stop it

Computer models indicate that wildfires will become more frequent in temperate regions as the climate changes over the coming decades

Climate Change Means More Wildfires in the West

A new study indicates that temperate regions will experience more fires, while equatorial areas will see fewer

The widening of the canal has exposed a trove of fossils, including megalodon teeth.

A New Opportunity at the Panama Canal

The ongoing expansion of the waterway has given Smithsonian researchers a chance to find new fossils

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