Climate Change


The Arctic Is Running Out of Snow Even Faster Than It’s Running Out of Ice

The Arctic is losing snow cover twice as fast as it is losing sea ice


Here’s the Reality We’re Signing Up For By Letting Climate Change Happen

Say goodbye to winter, New Orleans, olive oil, rivers and world peace if climate change plays out as predicted

Climate Change May Obliterate Pandas

Panda bears are climate change's latest potential victims, which threatens to destroy their bamboo forests


Report: Climate Change Threatens National Security

A new reports suggests that the U.S. military is not prepared for a world morphed by climate change


A Four-Point Plan For Feeding Nine Billion People

The world is set for food shortages as the population continues to climb. Here are four things we can do to stop it


Researchers Find Fracking Might Cause Earthquakes After All

New research makes the previously-tangential relationship between fracking and earthquakes much more firm

Island Nation Now Runs Entirely On Solar Power

A one-megawatt solar power plant now provides150% of the electricity demand of a small Pacific island nation

Five Places Outside America Where the U.S. Election Matters

American citizens aren't the only ones concerned about the outcome of tomorrow's election

Glacier ice covers North America 126 thousand years ago.

Here’s Why We’re Not Living in an Ice Age (And Why That Matters for the Future)

The same feedback systems that took us from ice age to modern warmth are still around


What Should New York City Do to Prepare for the Next Sandy?

After Hurricane Sandy, New York City will likely begin more seriously considering severe storm mitigation efforts


Safe from Sandy? Help a Hurricane Researcher

If the worst of Hurricane Sandy has passed you by and you're safe and dry, think about helping a researcher out

Models indicate that climate change will cause more frequent hurricanes, but the overall trend can’t be linked with a particular event, such as Hurricane Sandy (above, on October 29).

Can We Link Hurricane Sandy to Climate Change?

Models indicate that climate change will cause more frequent and intense hurricanes, but the overall trend can't be linked with any particular storm


What If You Replaced All of New York City’s Carbon Dioxide Emissions with Big Blue Bouncy Balls?

Watch New York City get buried under its own carbon emissions

A Massive Field of Frozen Greenhouse Gas Is Thawing Out

Vast stores of methane hydrates off the US east coast are thawing out, but what this means is still up in the air


These Were the First Debates Since 1988 In Which Climate Change Went Unmentioned

Climate change was conspicuously missing from this season's presidential debates, the first time the topic has not come up since 1988


To Increase Salmon Populations, Company Dumped 110 Tons of Iron Into the Pacific Ocean

Adding iron to the ocean can make life bloom, but scientists are uneasy about the potential unknown consequences

An iceberg floats off the coast of Greenland.

Melting Greenland Ice Has Consequences

Melting Greenland ice could affect ocean circulation patterns, and further spur global warming

An MIT study reveals that carbon dioxide directly reduces the strength of ice, regardless of temperature.

Bad News Chemistry: Carbon Dioxide Makes Ice Weaker

An MIT study reveals that carbon dioxide directly reduces the strength of ice, which has troubling implications for climate change

The Hestia Project provides comprehensive visualizations of a city’s greenhouse gas emissions.

New Technology Maps Greenhouse Gas Emissions at the Street and Neighborhood Level

The Hestia project draws on a variety of data sources to paint a comprehensive picture of a city's greenhouse gas metabolism


Three Quarters of Americans Now Believe Climate Change Is Affecting the Weather

74 percent of surveyed Americans think that global warming is changing the weather

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