Climate Change

The Hestia Project provides comprehensive visualizations of a city’s greenhouse gas emissions.

New Technology Maps Greenhouse Gas Emissions at the Street and Neighborhood Level

The Hestia project draws on a variety of data sources to paint a comprehensive picture of a city's greenhouse gas metabolism


Three Quarters of Americans Now Believe Climate Change Is Affecting the Weather

74 percent of surveyed Americans think that global warming is changing the weather


Plants Won’t Help Fight Global Warming As Much As We’d Thought

A long-running experiment has found that more carbon dioxide does not necessarily mean more plant growth

Fish to Shrink in Warming Waters

Climate change could lead to a sizable drop in fish sizes in coming decades


Watch Drought Dry Up America’s Groundwater

A drought this year affected large parts of the United States, including a lot of agricultural land


Stressed Out Species Aren’t Adapting in the Ways We Think They Should

Some animals are adapting to habitat destruction, but not always in the way that we would like


There’s a Reason It’s Called Global Warming: European Emissions Rise From Imported American Coal

US carbon dioxide emissions go down, but European emissions go up, as coal is traded worldwide


Next Year, We Start to Run Out of Bacon

This year's US drought is rippling through globalized agriculture. Next on the chopping block? Bacon


Diamond Mines Are a Paleo-Climate Scientist’s Best Friend

A column of magma worked its way up from the mantle and drilled its way to the surface, bedazzling itself with diamonds that it picked up along the way

Sea Ice Extent

After Summer Cyclone, Arctic Sea Ice Reaches New Low

On September 16, sea ice reached record lows in the Arctic, covering an area of just 3.41 million square kilometers or 1.32 million square miles

Coral bleaching off Reunion Island in the Indian Ocean.

Majority of Coral Reefs Will Be Damaged By 2030 Due to Rising Greenhouse Gases

A new study finds that 70 percent of coral reefs worldwide will be damaged by warmer and more acidic waters

An interpretation of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs

As Global Food Prices Climb, So Does the Probability of Riots

Rising food prices set the stage for riots and instability

An octopus in the eastern Pacific

Global Warming Could Increase Biodiversity

Gentle global warming could be a boon for marine biodiversity

Geoengineering could replicate the cooling effects of a massive volcanic eruption as a tool to reduce climate change.

Is Geoengineering the Answer to Climate Change?

A new study looks directly at the immediate expenses of intentionally cooling our climate, but what are the long-term costs?


Relive the 1940s Through These Old Color Photographs

The Library of Congress has more than 1600 color photos of WWII-era America


Why Did the Mayan Civilization Collapse? A New Study Points to Deforestation and Climate Change

A severe drought, exacerbated by widespread logging, appears to have triggered the mysterious Mayan demise

The giant swallowtail, a Southern butterfly, has historically not been found in Massachusetts, but in recent years it has appeared more and more frequently.

New Evidence for Climate Change: Butterflies

The meticulous records of an amateur butterfly club in New England are opening a window into changes happening to the regional climate

The Professor Molchanov sails off the coast of Svalbard.

Arctic Algae Infiltration Demonstrates the Effects of Climate Change

A sudden shift seen off the coast of Svalbard demonstrates how the world's ecosystems will be reformed by persistent climate change

Down and down and down it goes. Arctic sea ice extent, 1979 to 2012.

Everything You Need to Know About Arctic Sea Ice Melt, in One 10-Second Animated Gif

The Arctic is melting,

“The Energy-Water Collision”

41% of Water in the US is Used for Power Generation

The Union of Concerned Scientists describes how warming and drought can cause problems for power generation

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