A new study involving lab mice could bring a breakthrough in treating Alzheimer's.

Alzheimer’s Disease Advance

There are reasons to be very positive about this result, but also reasons to be very cautious

A fruit fly

Anti-Gravity Machine for Levitating Fruit Flies

A powerful magnetic field counteracted Earth's gravity and disrupted gene expression during development

Otavia is globular or ovoid in shape.

Oldest Animals Ever Discovered

The sponge-like organisms date back to about 760 million years ago, extending the known time span of animals by 17 percent

The winged albatross

The Wandering Albatross and Global Warming

The giant oceanic birds are producing more and plumper chicks, at least for now

The Caldera of Santorini is today a ring of islands in the Aegean.

What Happens Before a Volcano Blows?

Volcanologists thought that the buildup to an eruption would take centuries. But this report adds to a suspicion that it can happen faster than expected

Orcinus orca

What the Inuit Taught Scientists About Killer Whales

The native people knew what orcas ate, how they hunted prey, how the prey responded to the whales and when and where predation occurred


Telomeres and Longevity in Zebra Finches

A study in birds confirms that protective caps on chromosomes predict a longer lifespan

The bluetongue skink. Note the blue tongue.

How Animals Prepare for an Alien Invasion

Why can some--but only some--bluetongue skinks eat a toad that is poisonous to eat or even lick?

Top: The ninespine stickleback, Pungitus pungitus, is typical of the saltwater form. Bottom: A freshwater form of stickleback with fewer bony plates and fewer spines.

What Robot Fish Can Tell Us About Parallel Evolution

When housed in an aquarium with a swirling robotic school, what determines whether a fish will join the crowd?

How do boa constrictors know when to stop constricting?

Boa Constrictors Get a Feel for Their Prey

What makes a snake stop squeezing? We do science to prove ourselves wrong, because the answer people predicted is not the correct answer


How a Liver Fluke Causes Cancer


Saturn’s Massive Newfound Ring


Tiny Cameras Show Albatrosses on the Hunt


Space Ships to Crash Into the Moon This Friday!


No Strangelove Ocean


Why Do Some Females Have Horns?


Why You Should Care About Acoelomorph Flatworms


The Origin of the Komodo Dragon


Mars Climate Change Patterns Seen in Ice Caps


The Eastern Pacific Black Ghost Shark

<em>Hydrolagus melanophasma</em>, a new species of fish, was named from specimens collected over the last several decades off the coast of California

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