Crop circles are seen by many to enchant a mystical landscape: here, a circle pattern from 2009, 200 feet across, in a Wiltshire wheat field.

Crop Circles: The Art of the Hoax

They may not be evidence of UFOs, ancient spirits or secret weapons, but there is something magical in their allure


Picture of the Week—Ophelia (Microbial Art)

Art historian Henry Adams contends that Pollock created Mural around his name, discernible as camouflaged letters.

Decoding Jackson Pollock

Did the Abstract Expressionist hide his name amid the swirls and torrents of a legendary 1943 mural?

Author of "The Triumph of Frank Lloyd Wright," Arthur Lubow.

Arthur Lubow on “The Triumph of Frank Lloyd Wright"

Graphic designer Jessica Helfand collected over 200 scrapbooks dating from the nineteenth century to the present.

The Cherished Tradition of Scrapbooking

Author Jessica Helfand investigates the history of scrapbooks and how they mirror American history

Rare Halo Display: A Portrait of Eunice Kennedy Shriver.

Eunice Kennedy Shriver Portrait Unveiled

At the National Portrait Gallery, artist David Lenz pays tribute to a champion for the intellectually disabled


Smithsonian Magazine As Art


The Space Art of Wang Ming

The Creation of Adam by Michelangelo.

The Measure of Genius: Michelangelo’s Sistine Chapel at 500

Half a millennium later, the story of the painting of the Sistine Chapel is as fascinating as Michelangelo’s masterpiece itself


Q&A: Comic Artist Jolene Nenibah Yazzie

Author of Jan Lievens: Out of Rembrandt's Shadow, Mathew Gurewitsch.

Matthew Gurewitsch on "Jan Lievens: Out of Rembrandt's Shadow”

Matthew Gurewitsch on "Jan Lievens: Out of Rembrandt's Shadow”

The Battle of Actium, c. 1680.

The Divine Art of Tapestries

The long-forgotten art form receives a long overdue renaissance in an exhibit featuring centuries-old woven tapestries

A 1910s Happy New Year postcard depicts a child running over a snowman.

Outrageous Postcards and Ads of Snowmen Gone Wild

Before the age of Frosty, the snowman was abused by children and exploited by advertisers

David B. Gamble house, Pasadena, 1907-09.

The Splendor of Greene and Greene

A new exhibition celebrates the work of brothers Charles and Henry Greene, masters of American Arts and Crafts architecture

Mark Catesby's Blue Jay.

Mark Catesby's New World

The artist sketched American wildlife for Europe's high society, educating them on the creatures living among the unexplored lands

Author of Karsh Reality, Mathew Gurewitsch.

Matthew Gurewitsch on "Karsh Reality"

Sunrise over South Texas, by Hugh Powell. That’s right - a sunrise. In every ending there’s a new dawn, after all. See you at Food and Think)

Gisting Off Into the Sunset

Courtesy of Municipal Gallery in Lenbachhaus.  Two riders before the red, 1911, woodblock, © VG Bild-Kunst, Bonn.

Feeling Blue: Expressionist Art on Display in Munich

Visitors catch a glimpse of the groundbreaking, abstract art created bypreeminent 20th century expressionists

Paradisea raggiana is one of the many images at the Galaxy of Knowledge Web site.

Life Lines


Pisan Artist Resurrects the Lost Art of Fresco

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