Brooklyn Museum of Art vs. Museum of Fine Arts, Boston

The Tragedy of Lucretia, Sandro Botticelli, ca. 1500-1501

Botticelli Comes Ashore

With the purchase of Botticelli’s Death of Lucretia, Isabella Stewart Gardner took American collecting in a new direction

Isidre Nonell, La Paloma, 1904

Learning More About Spanish Modernism


More With Richard Misrach

The Photographer explains how a series of beach pictures were inspired by the events of September 11

Model for Hotel 2007

From Antony Gormley, Plinth Power

The Nightmare (Henry Fuseli, 1781)

Dream On

Why your nightmares hold the key to workplace success


On the Job: Courtroom Sketch Artist

Decades of depicting defendants, witnesses and judges have given Andy Austin a unique perspective on Chicago

Robert Rauschenberg in 1969

Recalling Robert Rauschenberg

On the artist’s innovative spirit

A horse touted as being from the Tang dynasty, but with only one genuine part in the unglazed underside.

Forensic Science for Antiques

Revealing art secrets—and exposing forgeries

Filing cabinets full of fakes at the Museum of Fakes

Showcasing Shams

At the Museum of Fakes, what's not real is still art


Take a Close Look


Homepage Artistry

Xu Bing's Book from the Sky(1987-1991), hand printed books, ceiling and wall scrolls printed from wood letterpress type using false Chinese characters, dimensions variable, installation view at "Crossings," National Gallery of Canada, Ottawa (1998).

China’s Artistic Diaspora

For sixty years, upheavals in Chinese politics have not only remade the country’s economy–they have remade Chinese art


The Fog Lifts

As it always does, given enough time

The Black Square – Hommage to Malevich near the Hamburger Kunsthalle

Dark Doubling

Mapping a Different View


Cringe Factor

Free for All


Not Your Grandma’s Needlework

Alexander Calder’s ‘Gwenfritz’ will be reinstalled in its original location on the west side of the American History Museum in October. This mock-up shows the sculpture at its new and old home in a reflecting pool, part of Calder’s intended aesthetic.

How Do We Experience Art?

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