This Is How Giant Animal Statues Get Made

Who do you go to when you need a giant crocodile statue? This guy

crocodile sculptor
Sculpting the eyes that will stare into your soul. Gary Staab

Who do you go to when you need a giant crocodile statue? Apparently Gary Staab, founder and sculptor at Staab Studios. Here, you can see Staab and his team go from idea to modeling to conception of a giant crocodile statue. 

Staab doesn’t just do crocodiles, either. Here’s a turtle:

Here’s a Whorl Tooth shark:

And here’s a Xiphactinus, an ancient bony fish that looks like a monster.

Staab can even do people and mummies. The process for many of these models is similar. The team starts with research, looking at fossils and other models of the beasts (or humans) they’re modeling. Then, they create smaller versions, usually out of clay. After that, the larger construction begins, with foam, metal wiring and clay coming together to a convincing animal cast. Staab writes on his website: 

Our studio can accommodate projects of all sizes, even as large as a life-sized T-rex. Facilities and staff are equipped to work in a wide variety of mediums, from canvas to clay, with the final product in resin, rubber, urethane or bronze.

So the next time you need a giant monster animal replica needs, you know where to go.