Great lakes Huron, Ontario, and Erie

In the U.S., Water is Starting to Get Way, Way More Expensive

In the past few years the price of water rose 23%, and water utilities are taking on crushing debt to keep up

Agricultural Pollution Is Threatening America’s National Parks

Gases from heavy fertilizer use are threatening the ecological balance of America's natural parks

A recreation of an ancient English farm

Early Agriculture Nearly Tanked Ancient Europe’s Population

While the rise of agriculture allowed human populations to blossom, it also opened the door for catastrophic collapses

This New Grocery Store Only Sells Expired Food

Out-of-date food is often still good to eat, and this man wants to sell it to you

China Claims to Have Bought a Huge Chunk of Ukraine

China says it's purchased 3 million hectares of Ukrainian farming land, but Ukraine says it has no intention of selling land to China

Britain’s Building a Transportation Network Just for Bees (And Other Pollinators)

The idea is to provide passage for insects that play a role in maintaining an estimated 90 percent of Britain's greenery and crops through pollination

Half of Children That Die Before Age Five Live in Just Five Countries

6.6 million children died before their first birthday last year, but the good news is that number is going down

Twyla Hein, Earth Biscuit Farm, Tipton, Iowa

This Photographer Is Documenting the Forgotten Female Faces of Farming

The face of farming is almost always male, but women are the fastest growing farming demographic in the country. This photographer is telling their stories

This Company Just Added Auto-Pilot to Their Bulldozers

Construction equipment operators have to go through apprenticeships and training to learn to maneuver machines. But one company thinks that's all too hard

From 1700 to 2000, the evolution of American anthromes

Watch How America’s Lands Changed From Forests to Fields

"Arthromes" are like biomes, but they acknowledge humanity's influence


This Is What Happens to a Pineapple Over Two Months

Let this be a reminder not to leave food out on the counter for two months. Unless it's a McDonald's meal, in which case it will probably be just fine


Even in the Remote Wilderness, Frogs Are Not Safe From Pesticides

The next step is to figure out how, if at all, the frogs are affected by their chemical loads

Monsanto has faced strong criticisms and protests worldwide.

Monsanto Is Giving Up on GMOs in Europe

Facing a strong public disapproval, Monsanto gave up trying to grow genetically modified crops in Europe

Meet Your Local Farmer Bot

Not so much the dream of the far future, agricultural robots are nearly ready for prime time


These People Want to Replace Fruit Stickers With Laser Etched Tattoos

One company is trying to solve the sticker problem by actually laser etching logos onto fruit


Pesticides May Be Harmful to Animals Even at “Safe” Levels

Even when used at low concentrations, some pesticides can still cause unintended consequences


The Incredible Disappearing Evangelist

Aimee Semple McPherson was an American phenomenon even before she went missing for five weeks in 1926.

Connecticut Passes GMO Labeling Law


Where Will Japan Get Wheat Now That It’s Rejecting America’s GMO-Tainted Crops?

Worried about genetically modified wheat found in the U.S. supply, countries are suspending their imports of U.S. wheat

A crazy ant queen.

Invasive Crazy Ants Are Eating Up Invasive Fire Ants in the South

How ecosystems will function if fire ants suddenly disappear and are replaced by crazy ants remains an open but worrying question

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