E. coli Can Survive the Freezing Cold Winter Hidden in Manure

Even the harsh Canadian winter can't kill these hardy bacteria


On the International Space Station, Glow-in-the-Dark Plants Let You Know When They’re Stressed

To fight climate change or to grow crops in space, we need to know how plants respond to stress

The honeybee, Apis mellifera, is in trouble because of colony collapse disorder.

High Fructose Corn Syrup May Be Partly Responsible for Bees’ Collapsing Colonies

High fructose corn syrup, the sugary compound in soda, is also fed to bees


Your Meat is Probably Packing Antibiotic Resistant Superbugs

Antibiotic resistant bacteria is rampant in grocery store meat, and it doesn't seem to be going away

Drought in western Kentucky

Don’t Blame the Awful U.S. Drought on Climate Change

Scientists can attribute particular natural disasters to climate change--just not the 2012 Great Plains drought

Climate Change Could Make Us Choose Between Wine And Pandas

According to the new models, around 70 percent of the area currently suitable or used for grape growing could be gone by 2050

Celebrate Invasive Plant Pest and Disease Awareness Month By Reporting These Horrifying Species

April 1st marks the beginning of Invasive Plant Pest and Disease Awareness Month, but how does somebody celebrate?


The Count of Dead Pigs Pulled Out of Chinese Rivers Is Up to 16,000

Recent plagues of dead animals floating down China's rivers may be due to farmers evading heightened environmental regulations


People in Israel Really Are Eating Swarming Locusts

While there are simply too many locusts to eat the swarm out of existence, Israelis who do tuck in can enjoy a healthy, kosher snack


From the Big Bang to the End of the Earth and Everything in Between, the Two Minute History of America

A fun video by a Minnesota high school student tries to capture all of human history in just two minutes


These Little Robot Bees Could Pollinate the Fields of the Future

If the bees can't be saved, maybe these little robobees can assume their role


This Giant Snail Is Giving Australia Terrible Flashbacks to the Last Giant Snail Takeover

The giant African snail is a true nightmare. So when Australian officials found one in a shipping container yard in Brisbane, they destroyed it as quickly as possible


The American Bumblebee Is Crashing, Too

Colony Collapse Disorder targets honey bees. But now American bumblebees are missing, too

Brace Yourselves, the Drought’s Not Close to Over Yet

Unless we get a lot of rain, soon, the U.S. is heading for another summer of drought

Geneticists Think They Can Fix Tasteless Tomatoes

By identifying the genes that control the production of volatile chemicals, we could soon turn the bland tomato's flavor back on


These Sneaky Toxins Are Slipping Past Food Regulators

Chemical mask-wearing mycotoxins can slip past screening techniques

Earthworms Could Make Climate Change Worse

While earthworms benefit soils, they do play a significant role in greenhouse gas emissions worldwide - though not nearly as great as humans, of course

Citrus Greening Will Ruin Morning OJ, No Matter How You Slice It

Making guacamole

How Did Avocados Become the Official Super Bowl Food?

Did you know this off-season penchant for guacamole is an industry creation?

Dogs May Have Evolved From the Wolves Who Liked Eating Trash the Most

There may be an evolutionary reason that your dog eats everything, including the trash

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