The Hetch Hetchy reservoir is one of California's crucial reservoirs.

California's Crucial Reservoirs Are Running Low, And That's Even Worse Than It Sounds

An ongoing drought has drained California dry

GM Purple Tomatoes Could Actually Be Good for You

These tomatoes are stuffed with anthocyanins (but they're not the only source of the healthy pigment)

Climate Change Is Already Causing Mass Human Migration

When temperatures are high, Pakistani men are 11 times more likely to move out of town


Hunter-Gatherers Ruined Their Teeth by Eating Too Many Acorns

Wild nuts such as acorns, pine nuts and pistachios are highly cariogenic, or those "producing and promoting the development of tooth decay"


Just Because Farmers Grow Fresh Produce Doesn’t Mean They’re Eating It

Without the help of a farm wife (or husband) who can take responsibility for running the household's kitchen, farmers often subsist on processed snacks

A memorial to the Irish famine in Dublin.

160 Years Later, Scientists Grow a GM Potato That Could Have Prevented the Irish Potato Famine

Genetically modified potatoes resistant to potato blight were designed in Ireland

Researchers at the U.S. Department of Energy's Pacific Northwest National Laboratory have discovered a way to turn a small mixture of algae and water into a kind of crude oil in less than an hour.

Scientists Turn Algae Into Crude Oil In Less Than An Hour

Researchers believe they have figured out a way to make a promising biofuel that is cheap enough to compete with gasoline

We've Done So Well by Chesapeake Oysters, We Can Start Eating Them Again

Perhaps this time we can keep ourselves from eating them to oblivion

Stop Freaking Out About Lead in Backyard Chicken Eggs

Urban hens' eggs have elevated levels of lead, but the levels are still pretty low

How One Chinese Corporate Spy Dodged the FBI to Steal Inbred Corn Seeds from Iowa

Mo Hailong faces a decade in prison for allegedly trying to steal millions of dollars-worth of corn seeds

To Fight Superbugs, FDA Goes After Antibiotic Overuse on Farms

The FDA is pushing for a voluntary end to the use of antibiotics on farms as growth promoters

Without Nutrients From Conventional Farms, Yields of Organic Crops Could Go Down

Many of the nutrients flowing through organic farms still ultimately derive from conventional farms

All turnips, all the time.

The Moon: The Only Place in the Universe Anyone's Excited About Turnips

Someone at NASA has a real thing for turnips

Silkworm pancakes. Yum!

Insect Farming Kit Lets You Raise Edible Bugs

The Tiny Farms setup comes with everything to cultivate one of the world's most sustainable (and popular) sources of food

Pregnant Silhouette

Can Babies Be Born Addicted to Junk Food?

The tastes you grew up with, tend to stick with you

Microbes May Be Responsible For Wine Regions’ Distinctive Flavors

Wines' regionally-distinctive flavors may be caused by the bacteria and fungi that live on the grapes


Kraft’s New Natural Cheese Dyes Were the Key Ingredient in a 17th Century Scam

Kraft's new orange dye was used in the 17th century to trick people into thinking cheese was better than it was


Who Steals Pumpkins From Kindergarteners?

Across the country, pumpkins have been stolen from their owners

This Drone Hunts Down Apple Disease

These drones are striking against a different kind of enemy: apple scab

These Scientists Are Using Bees to Spread Pesticides

Since they're already going to the flowers anyway, why not give them some pesticides to carry?

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