Prolonged Drought Could Shut Down Shipping on the Mighty Mississippi

This time last year the Mississippi around St. Louis was 20 feet deeper


The Day Henry Clay Refused to Compromise

The Great Pacificator was adept at getting congressmen to reach agreements over slavery. But he was less accommodating when one of his own slaves sued him


The Strange Things We Do To Keep Our Food Cold

Whether it was shipped to you from somewhere, stored in a warehouse, or sold nice and chilly, over 3/4 of the food we eat has been commercially refrigerated


The History of Pardoning Turkeys Began With Tad Lincoln

The rambunctious boy had free rein of the White House, and used it to divert a holiday bird from the butcher's block


What Will Convince People That Genetically Modified Foods Are Okay?

In California, a loss for labeling GM foods has both sides wondering when people wil stop shouting and start thinking


A Four-Point Plan For Feeding Nine Billion People

The world is set for food shortages as the population continues to climb. Here are four things we can do to stop it

Geronimo as a prisoner of war at Fort Sill, Oklahoma, 1898

Geronimo’s Appeal to Theodore Roosevelt

Held captive far longer than his surrender agreement called for, the Apache warrior made his case directly to the president


The Traumatic Birth of the Modern (and Vicious) Political Campaign

When Upton Sinclair ran for governor of California in 1934, new media were marshaled to beat him


The Silence that Preceded China’s Great Leap into Famine

Mao Zedong encouraged critics of his government—and then betrayed them just when their advice might have prevented a calamity


Next Year, We Start to Run Out of Bacon

This year's US drought is rippling through globalized agriculture. Next on the chopping block? Bacon

Honey Was the Wonder Food That Fueled Human Evolution (And Now It’s Disappearing)

Energy-rich honey could have been the food that let humans get so brainy

This Alberta corn field was shaped into a massive QR code.

Farming Family Makes High-Tech Crop Circles

An Alberta family won the Guinness World Record for turning the corn field into a QR code

An interpretation of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs

As Global Food Prices Climb, So Does the Probability of Riots

Rising food prices set the stage for riots and instability

A celebratory Silent Spring float

Crazy Lies Haters Threw at Rachel Carson

Silent Spring turns 50 this month, but Rachel Carson's ecological game-changer was not always the beloved green bible it is today

“The Energy-Water Collision”

41% of Water in the US is Used for Power Generation

The Union of Concerned Scientists describes how warming and drought can cause problems for power generation

The offending garden in Drummondville

City Officials Declare War on Lawn Gardens

400 Years Worth of Water Discovered in Sub-Saharan Namibia

Documenting “the Last Green Spot Between NYC and Philly”


U.S. Faces Worst Drought Since 1956

Drought grips 55% of the US mainland causing a shortfall in crop production, with very low chances of it ending any time soon

A Farm in New South Whales, Australia

Climate Skepticism Could Wipe Out Whole Towns in Australia

Stubborn climate skeptic hold-outs now face more than just the rest of the world's scorn: Their towns might not be on the map in a few years

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