December 2017

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Ava DuVernay

The Visionary

Her eye for American history puts her in the vanguard. Her passion for justice makes her a hero

Dave Malloy & Rachel Chavkin

Blaze of Glory

Dave Malloy and Rachel Chavkin brought the Tolstoy epic to life with Natasha, Pierre & the Great Comet of 1812

Gary Steinberg

Rethinking the Brain

Gary Steinberg defied convention when he began implanting living cells inside the brains of patients who had suffered from a stroke

Marley Dias

The Teacher

What can we learn from a 12-year-old who’s turning the literary world upside down? Everything

John Legend

The All Star

Songwriter, singer, actor, producer, virtual reality maven. John Legend is an entertainment all-star

Aziz Ansari

Brighter Than Ever

Where are they now?

Sesame Street & Julia

The Champion

The bravest new face on television is a Muppet that doesn’t say much. But she speaks volumes about life on the spectrum

Natalie Batalha

The Explorer

The Kepler mission's project scientist, she has guided the discovery of thousands of planets

Jony Ive


His work has become the seeds of a tech revolution that is rapidly changing our lives

“This winter travel is a new and bold venture,” Scott wrote as his men trudged off to Cape Crozier.

Nightmare on the Ice

Everyone knows about Robert Scott’s doomed race to the South Pole in 1911. But on that same expedition three of his men made a death-defying trip

In Fallujah, ISIS blew up this bridge during its 2016 retreat.

Troubled Water

In the wake of the war against Isis in Iraq, an ominous journey along the once-mighty river finds a new crisis lurking in the shallows



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Here’s to You

The movie about a young man struggling to find his way in the world mesmerized the nation when it debuted

The Power and the Glory

The artist takes 21st century technology and culture to a 15th century aesthetic

The Strange Beauty of the Epic Fail

A new exhibition of inventions that bombed boldly celebrates the world’s most creative screw-ups

Hits and Misses

Not open to the public, this expansive archive schools marketers in the art of pitchmanship

Robot Love

The fussy but brave “protocol droid” plays the role of the Greek chorus in the Star Wars franchise

Unlocking the Power of the Atom

A new book takes a fresh look at the famed scientist

Ask Smithsonian

You asked, we answered