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"The Batwomen of Panama," one of nearly a hundred films now showing on the Smithsonian Channel, unlocks the mysteries of bat behavior.

From the Castle: Success at Smithsonian Channel

In just under two years, the award-winning Smithsonian Channel has created a strong library of fascinating documentaries

A San Francisco resident has learned that wild male turkeys can gobble on cue.

Jukebox: A Choir of Turkeys

Wild turkeys gobble on cue

Parade with banner showing head and shoulder portraits of Grover Cleveland, Adlai E. Stevenson and Gov. John Peter Altgeld.

Musical Mudslinging on the Campaign Trail

Before TV came on the scene, presidential candidates relied on campaign songs for negative advertising


Rhythm and Identity

A Q&A with Bobby Sanabria, musician, composer and professor of Latin jazz

William Chadwick Jr. and a team from the National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration were the fist to video tape an erupting underwater volcano

Underwater Discovery

Watch an erupting underwater volcano

U. Utah Phillips was known for his blend of song and storytelling.

Jukebox: Dogged Underdog


Who Do You Love?

Bo Diddley's beat changed the course of rock music. And his lyrics evoked a history that reached all the way to Africa


Blue Ridge Bluegrass

The town of Floyd, Virginia draws jam-ready musicians and some toe-tapping fans


Q&A: Chris Carter of "The X Files"

The creator and writer behind "The X-Files" reveals his inspiration for the sci-fi series and motivation behind the upcoming film


Jukebox: Memorable Melodies



Love Song

Bring Back Vinyl


Young Talent

Old Gramophone.

Forgotten Music

A long-lost musical treasure in Paris is rediscovered

Jones is currently on the council of the National Museum of African American History and Culture

Q at the Castle

Why the Smithsonian Institution can't get enough of American music's top artist-entrepreneur, Quincy Jones

In 1907, recordings were interred in metal urns at the Palais Garnier, to be reopened in 100 years

A Record Find

How The Phantom of the Opera led me to a long-lost musical treasure in Paris

Jones (sporting Frank Sinatra's ring) has a hand in the Beijing Olympics as well as ongoing music and movies

The Arranger

From bebop to hip-hop, nobody alive has done more for American music than Quincy Jones

Cover of the "Singing for Life" album.


Songs to Live By

Trumpeter and bandleader Doc Paulin, being interviewed at 1995 New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival. His wife to the left of photo; interviewer at right.


Jazz Requiem

Strathmore’s production about the first African American opera company will feature the Morgan State University Choir and director Eric Conway.

Lifting their Voices

Paying tribute to America's first black opera

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