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Minnie Pearl 1965


Homely country togs defined a beloved Grand Ole Opry stalwart


Just the Right Touch

By introducing a note of modesty, Marilyn Monroe's gloves actually heightened her come-hither allure


Manhattan Mayhem

Martin Scorsese's realistic portrayal of pre-Civil War strife Gangs of New York re-creates the brutal street warfare waged between immigrant groups



A summer festival showcases the wit and artistry of the musical-theater master, drawing "nuts" from all over


Yo-Yo Ma's Other Passion

In celebrating the cultures of the ancient Silk Road, renowned cellist Yo-Yo Ma has found a second calling


Very Verdi

One hundred years after the maestro's death, the Italian composer reigns, very operatically, in the hearts of music lovers everywhere


Tarzan the Eternal

From the restless imagination of Edgar Rice Burroughs sprang the most timeless of screen characters


The Piano Wars


Inside Bollywood!

Bombay's movie industry is India's dream machine. Each year it churns out hundreds of wild and gaudy spectacles


Libba Cotten's Guitar

Left-handed, she taught herself to play, wrote the folk classic "Freight Train" and sang into her 90s

A Swoopy, Funky Fun House of Rock

Seattle's new Experience Music Project is a $100 million, technology-enhanced repository of American pop music where anyone can be a rock star


The Talking Drums


The Boys Choir of Harlem Sings a Song of Hope

Hard work, discipline and tough love help inner-city choristers achieve lofty goals


The Gang's All Here!

A new show hails Edward Sorel, whose caricatures have spoofed or skewered celebrities of every stripe

Inventor Bradford Reed playing his pencilina

Concerto for Pencilina and Sewer Flute

Wacky instruments often resemble bad plumbing, but all are welcome in the eclectic light orchestra of experimental music

Tab Hunter from the trailer for the film Damn Yankees

Anyone Having Trouble Hitting the Notes?


Paderewski's Piano

When Polish pianist Ignace Paderewski toured America, he became a celebrity—and boosted Steinway


Movie Magic on the Mall

Museum flicks – from German silents to a comedy starring kangaroos – are not the typical fare


John Barrymore: a Profile in Just About Everything

A great actor, a shameless ham; an athlete, a drunk; a ladies' man, one of the boys-- the madcap Jack had as many faces as roles


Picturing the Face of the African Diaspora

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