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We Eat, Breathe and Dream Music. We're a Bunch of Nerds Here'

Make that an international bunch of nerds. The Berklee College of Music, aka "the MIT of pop," is respected all over the world


How to Take on an Ailing Company--and Make It Hum

When three biz-school-trained entrepreneurs rescued Nashville's Gibson Guitar Corp., they created jobs —and saved a musical tradition


The Aria Never Ends in the Opera That's Casa Verdi

Retired singers, musicians and conductors find a home in Milan, Italy, where a zest for music works like a fountain of youth


Sure the Piano-Violin Can Do Two Things At Once—But Can It Do Them Well?

Sure the piano-violin can do two things at once—but can it do them well?


Harmonicas Are...hooty, Wheezy, Twangy and Tooty

They're from the Old Country, but there's nothing better for American music, from blues to honky-tonk and the fans are blown away

Scene from Broken Blossoms starring Lillian Gish and Richard Barthelmess

A Film Buff Cheers the Oldies, Calling for Silents, Please!

Garbo, Chaplin, Keaton yesteryear's screen giants dazzle audiences anew at Pordenone, the world's most pretigious silent-film festival


Merchant Ivory's Special Take on Thomas Jefferson

In their first feature based on a historic figure, the legendary filmmakers focus on the life and loves of an American in Paris

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