The Samsung Smart TV

How Smart Does a TV Need to Be?

Sure, they're big and they're flat. But TVs still aren't that bright. This, however, could be the year they start acting more like smart phones

3D contact lenses are already being designed for the U.S. military

10 Bright Ideas to Get You Through February

It's not easy to think happy thoughts this time of year. But here are some examples of innovative thinking that remind us it will get better

The Coca-Cola polar bears are making another appearance at this year's telecast of the Super Bowl

The Super Bowl Goes Social

Who is headed to the Moon next?

Going to the Moon…Or Not

Is that what it will take for NASA to get its mojo back? Or are there better ways to spend its money?

Are Apple's digital textbooks going to change the industry?

Teacher’s Got a Brand New Bag

Whether it's iPads replacing textbooks or college courses being offered free around the world, education is moving into some uncharted territory.

The BodyMedia Armband is yet another tool to help you track your health with personalized data.

So What Do We Do With All This Data?

Scientists think all the personal information now being shared on social networks or collected by sensors could help them predict the future

What can eye-tracking teach us?

Are Your Eyes Also a Window to Your Brain?

Research shows you can learn a few things about a person by watching where they're looking.

Daniel EK of Spotify

Innovators to Watch in 2012

Here are young entrepreneurs whose innovative thinking has them poised for big things this year

10 Innovators to Watch

Product shot of the Lytro

Can This Invention Save Cameras?

With the Lytro camera, you no longer have to bother with focusing an image. Plus, your photos become interactive

Will the Ford EVOS remain just a concept car?

A Preview of CES: When Cars Become Smartphones

Is the day coming when your car will talk to your alarm clock and also check your heart rate?

How does free will function in the brain?

Just How Free is Free Will?

Researchers are finding that our behavior may be more hard-wired than we'd like to believe. If so, can we handle the truth?

The X-Box Kinect is one of the ABCs to watch in 2012

The ABCs of 2012, Part II

Here are more of the terms you should know if you want to feel plugged into innovations changing the way we live this year

Will 2012 be the year the electric car takes off?

The ABCs of 2012, Part I

Here are terms you should know if you want to show you're already plugged into the new year

The Zeo sleep manager

The Twelve Days of Gadgets

In their day, maids a-milking and pipers piping might have made for one fine gift. But it is the 21st century. A replacement list is in order

How close are we to living to 150 years old?

One Step Closer to Beating Old Age

Thanks to medical innovations and research breakthroughs, living past your 100th birthday will one day not be such a big deal

How much technology is too much?

So Many Gadgets, So Little Time

Innovation happens so fast now that it's harder and harder to keep up with the pace. But is it really innovation?

The Presto ordering system

My Name is Presto and I’ll Be Your Waiter

At more and more restaurants you'll be ordering your meals on a tablet at your tabletop. Will we miss waiters?

The future of your wallet

When a Smartphone Becomes a Wallet

They won't go mainstream for a few years, but mobile wallets are finally starting to pick up steam in the U.S.

The kindness of strangers can pay dividends.

A Game Where Nice Guys Finish First

Researchers found that when it comes to building social networks, people much prefer someone who likes to cooperate over a person who looks out for himself

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