Our Daily Juice

Batteries, so much a part of our daily lives, are being transformed. Now scientists say they've created one out of spray paint

Most corn grown in the U.S. is genetically modified.

Food, Modified Food


Prepare to Go Underground

Upside down skyscrapers. Vacuum tubes whisking away trash. Welcome to the future of cities as they begin exploring the next urban frontier


Robots Enter the Job Market

In some cases, they're learning to work with humans. In others, they're taking over the whole plant

More clues than answers?

The Allure of Brain Scans

They sure make pretty pictures, but are we exaggerating what they can really tell us about what's going on inside our heads?

Old man and the sea

Deconstructing Dad

Fatherhood remains a ripe subject for scientific research. Here are 10 recent studies on the transformation from man to dad

The Atavist is refining multimedia storytelling

It’s a Long Story

In Facebook world, you'd think there wouldn't be much of a future for nonfiction storytelling. But several startups are trying to keep the narrative alive

Strange things are happening in the ocean.

Roiling in the Deep

It's World Oceans Day and here are 10 things scientists know about what's happening under the sea that they didn't a year ago

Technology may help you shape your dreams.

Taking Control of Your Dreams

Not a lot of research has been done on lucid dreaming, but new devices are now helping people influence what's going on in their heads while they sleep

Siri is just the beginning of voice recognition.

Talking With Machines

Siri is far from perfect, but It's shown the potential of voice recognition software and artificial intelligence. Coming soon: conversations with our cars

Genome sequencing will soon be part of everyday medicine.

The Genome That Keeps on Giving

When scientists mapped the human genetic blueprint, people said it would change medicine because we'd be able to get clues about our future health

Our relationship with ice cream is getting complicated.

What’s Going On With Ice Cream?

Not only is it now available in once unimaginable flavors, like salted caramel and prosciutto, but scientists also are trying to make it good for you

London's a leader among smart cities

When Cities Run Themselves

Body suits are allowing paralyzed people to stand and move.

The Rise of the Bionic Human

New technology is allowing the paralyzed to walk and the blind to see. And it's becoming a smaller leap from repairing bodies to enhancing them

Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg thinks watching TV should be a social experience.

Is Facebook Good For TV?

It wouldn't seem to be. But social TV, where people interact with their friends on a second screen while they're watching a show, may be boosting ratings


What Makes a 21st Century Mom?

Not an easy answer. But here are 10 recent studies on what it means to be a mother today

Big Data is getting bigger at a stunning rate.

Big Data or Too Much Information?

We now create an enormous amount of digital data every day on smart phones, social networks and sensors. So how do you make sense of all of it?

Meet the Domino, a little chip that can diagnose your health.

Medicine Goes Small

Nanotechnology is taking health care to the molecular level and changing it in profound ways. But is it all good?

Look for more people riding on battery power.

Will America ever love electric bikes?

Most bikers scoff at them, but as the U.S. population ages and gas prices rise, expect to see more bikes running on batteries

Is mining asteroids the next space frontier?

To the Asteroids and Beyond

A group of big-name tech billionaires wants to open up a new frontier in space--mining space rocks

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