LISTEN: Grammy-Nominated Folkways Artist Elizabeth Mitchell Discusses Parenthood and Being in a Band with Your Kid

Nominated for her Woody Guthrie tribute album, Mitchell also has a new album of rock covers, from David Bowie to Jimi Hendrix

‘Straight’ (2008-12) by Ai Weiwei

Events December 28-30: Ai Weiwei, Lincoln and Andy Warhol

Be your own tour guide with the Smithsonian’s Visitors Guide app.

Events December 25-27: Visitor’s Guides, Maya Weaving and Grandma’s Kwanzaa

This week, catch a demonstration and hear stories of celebration, or just tour the museums with our custom-made app

Here’s what we have to look forward to: two more adorable Andean cubs bounding about with Chaska and Bernardo, born in 2010.

Andean Cubs Mark Milestone at National Zoo

The twins have now lived longer than any other North American litter born in captivity, aside from their older siblings born in 2010

Let these guys bring you a jazzed up holiday season with a Take 5! concert.

Events December 18-20: National Apologies, Robot Face-offs and Jazzy Holidays

Learn about the 2009 official apology to Native Americans, talk with an expert at Air and Space and hear some "post-cool" takes on seasonal classics

Nothing says Smithsonian cheer like ZooLights.

Events December 21-23: Medicinal Tattoos, Dakota 38, and ZooLights

This weekend, learn about the health history behind tattoos, watch one man's journey to mark the Dakota War and take in the holidazzle at the Zoo

The March on Washington was organized in conjunction with the 100th anniversary of the Emancipation Proclamation to call on the country to fulfill its promise.

How Change Happens: The 1863 Emancipation Proclamation and the 1963 March on Washington

At the 150th and 50th anniversary of two historic moments, the African American History and Culture Museum and American History Museum team up

Holiday card design, 195-?. Frederick Hammersley papers, circa 1860s, 1890-2009

Handmade Christmas Cards Sent By Famous Artists to Their Friends

Original designs from artists over the years to celebrate the holidays

The first Andean bear cub was born at 12:01 am, the second at 2:02 am, on December 13 to proud mother Billie Jean.

Double the Fun: Andean Bear Gives Birth to Twins

Born two hours apart starting at midnight, Dec. 13, the cubs and mother, Billie Jean are all doing fine

Ai Weiwei’s use of historic materials is the topic of discussion at Friday’s gallery talk at the Hirshhorn.

Events December 14-16: Ai Weiwei’s Ceramics, Mayan Calendar and Stradivari’s Instruments

Learn about the contemporary artist's use of historic objects, why the world didn't end and just what's so special about Stradivari in concert


PHOTOS: The Wit and Genius of the Father of Video Art Nam June Paik

Photos and videos from the American Art Museum's new exhibit, "Nam June Paik: Global Visionary"


Smithsonian Curators Offer Up a Holiday Gift Guide for History Lovers

The best of history reads from Lincoln's true thoughts on slavery, to the White House dinner that shocked a nation, to California's hip-hop scene


Taking the Bite Out of DC’s Partisan Dialogue: A New Installation Seeks Common Ground

More than 89 heavyweights were interviewed for artist Lincoln Schatz's new video work at the National Portrait Gallery


Start Hoarding Your Beans, Thanks to Climate Change, $7 Coffee May Be the Norm

Starbucks most expensive cup of coffee to date raises the question, how high can we go?

The artist who transformed the Hirshhorn will be in the building Thursday to explain why.

Events December 11-13: The Interviewer, The Conservator and the Provocateur

This week, talk with artist Lincoln Schatz about his new video portrait, conservators for the Smithsonian, and artist Barbara Kruger


PHOTOS: The Zoo’s New Carousel is One Wild Ride

With 56 original pieces that show-off animals from the Zoo's collection, the ride is sure to please all ages

Move over Hope Diamond! The Dom Pedro obelisk, a Beryl variety aquamarine, is in the house.

World’s Largest Cut Aquamarine Gives the Hope Diamond a Run for its Money

A dazzlingly blue obelisk comes to the Natural History Museum after a long journey from the mines of Brazil to the stone cutting capital of Europe

From the Seattle-based artist, Louie Gong, these “mockups” are ready for your custom design.

Events December 7-9: 3-D Caves, Custom Kicks and Talk-Rock

Catch the hot new virtual reality art project, create your own "mockups" with artist Louie Gong and take in a talk and show with Fire and the Wheel

Our curators and researchers recommend a little something for everyone.

Holiday Gift Guide: Must-Reads from the Smithsonian’s Curators

We asked the institution team for their picks from the past year, from art to poetry to science


The General is in the House; Colin Powell’s Portrait Goes on View

The gallery commissioned a portrait of the first African American Secretary of State and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff

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