Jacob Lawrence’s 1941 Bar and Grill depicts the reality of segregation of the Jim Crow South, a new experience to the Harlem artist.

Curator Talk at the American Art Museum on African-American Art Exhibition

Virginia Mecklenburg offers a Wednesday lecture on the artists from "Harlem Renaissance, Civil Rights Era and Beyond"

Beautiful and educational, X-ray images help us learn more about evolution.

Events July 31-Aug 2: X-Ray Fish, Imperial India and Club Native

This week at the Smithsonian, the evolution of fish through X-Ray, India's imperial arts and the divisive legacy of Native blood laws


Baby Crocs on the Move at the Zoo

Believed to be done having children, Cuban crocodile Dorothy surprised everyone with two new babies

As the Olympic Games head to London, you should head to the Mall.

Olympic Games at the Smithsonian

Before you settle into your couch to watch the Olympics, get down to the Smithsonian for exhibits, games and more


Sam Kean Decodes DNA’s Past

The author discusses his new book, a collection of entertaining stories about the field of genetics titled The Violinst's Thumb

Both the creator of the Klingon language and the coach who helped Star Trek actors nail their foreign language lines will be discussing the life of invented languages Thursday at the Smithsonian.

Events July 24-26: Animal Migrations, Belly Dancing and the Invention of Klingon

This week at Smithsonian, learn how animals find their way across continents, try out belly dancing and pick up a new language with the creator of Klingon


PHOTOS: Behind the Scenes with “Parks and Rec” at the Smithsonian

Amy Poehler and Adam Scott talk about filming at the Smithsonian and around D.C. for NBC's Parks and Recreation


Teen Photographers Win Spot at National Portrait Gallery

Winners of the museum's Teen Portrait Competition discuss their portraits and the stories behind them

Research Associate Alain Touwaide, seated in his office in the Natural History Museum, argues Rome’s great expansion was driven not by geopolitical strategy, but by a need for plants.

Colds and Conquests: How A Health Crisis May Have Spurred Roman Expansion

Smithsonian Research Associate Alain Touwaide will argue that a quest for medicinal plants may have spurred Roman expansion at his July 18 lecture

“Parks and Recreation” heroine Leslie Knope would love to see this mural study from an Indiana post office on her visit to DC. Clearing the Right of Way by Joe Cox, 1938.

Five Things Leslie Knope Should See at the Smithsonian

As NBC's "Parks and Recreation" prepares to shoot its season five in D.C., we offer up five must-sees for the newest city councilmember of Pawnee, Indiana

Wurman describes TED as the conference of the 20th century. He says WWW will be the conference of the 21st century.

Why TED Founder Richard Saul Wurman Thinks TED Is So Last Century

The creator of the popular speaker series spent Friday at the Smithsonian talking about the next step in his prolific design career

The covered Kogod Courtyard provides the perfect setting for Thursday’s jazz concert with the Freddie Redd-Butch Warren Quintet celebrating the legacy of Thelonius Monk.

Events July 17-19: Virtual Caving, Air Force Strings and a Tribute to Thelonius Monk

This week at the Smithsonian: take a virtual tour beneath the earth's surface, see the Air Force Strings perform and honor the genius of Thelonius Monk


Photo Op: Arts and Industries Crew Make History

Ironworkers paused to recreate a historic photograph while working on Arts and Industries building. The renovation is expected to be complete March 2013


The Battle in Our Backyard: Remembering Fort Stevens

Historian David C. Ward recounts the short but unprecedented Civil War attack on Washington, D.C. at the Battle of Fort Stevens on July 11, 1864


Smithsonian Gets Google Mapped

Smithsonian and Google Maps launched an easy to use application Tuesday providing step by step directions inside 17 museums and the National Zoo

Visitors from Mars Day 2008 get a 3-D look at the surface of Mars.

Mars Day Preview with Geologist Dr. John Grant

Get ready for Air and Space Museum's Mars Day July 13 with geologist Dr. John Grant discussing findings, The Martian Chronicles and why he loves Mars Day

Works like this, Untitled by Jackson Pollock, can cause a fair amount of head scratching. So is it art? Find out Tuesday July 10.

Events July 10-12: Questionable Art, Crafty Mail, and the Battle of Shiloh

This week at the Smithsonian, debate the merits of contemporary art, craft your own stationery, and learn more about the Battle of Shiloh

In the grand tradition of college marching band tomfoolery, the Oregon State University Mars Rover cuts a path over marching band members and the OSU mascot.

July 8: Today’s Events at the Folklife Festival

Today at the Folklife Festival: laugh therapy, hunting for chocolate and African Heritage Dancers & Drummers

Working for The NAMES Project Foundation, Roddy Williams sorts through portions of the AIDS Memorial Quilt stored in an Atlanta warehouse.

July 7: Today’s Events at the Folklife Festival

Today at the Folklife Festival: Grant Wood's murals, historical cabins and cooking with honey

Q Monts sits patiently at Nu Flava Ink while tattoo artist Charles “Coco” Bayron puts the finishing touches on Q’s tattoo reading “Time is Money, Money is Time.”

July 6: Today’s Events at the Folklife Festival

Today at the Folklife Festival: John Philip Sousa's legacy, line dancing and stained glass crafts

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