Doughnut Burger

What Makes a Satan Sandwich?

If one were to go down to the crossroads at midnight and call the devil's name three times, what dish would appear in a poof of fire and brimstone?

Stay Puft Marshmallow Man

More Fantasy Foods Made Real

The imaginary has come to life: Scooby Snacks, Cheesy Poofs and even Soylent Green


Dazzling Displays: 8th Annual Photo Contest Winners

Out of more than 50,000 photographs submitted, editors – and readers – picked seven showstoppers

Richard Nixon's last meal at the White House. Photo by Robert L. Knudsen

How to Eat Like the President of the United States

See Kennedy's chowder, Eisenhower's vegetable soup, Reagan's jelly beans and Nixon's last White House meal

Ceiling of Antoni Gaudi's Sagrada Familia

Explore Antoni Gaudi’s Barcelona

The capital’s cityscape bears the unmistakable Modernist mark of the Spanish architect in its churches, buildings and parks


Berlin, Alive Again

After withstanding world and cold wars, the German city is a thriving metropolis, filled with nightclubs and cultural treats

School lunch program poster

What’s Cooking Uncle Sam: A Must-See Show at the National Archives

The show was a revelation for exhibiting the breadth of the government's involvement in our food

Bananas have been cultivated for thousands of years. But are the days of the familiar Cavendish numbered?

Taming the Wild Banana

When and where did people learn to cultivate one of our favorite snacks?


The Rickey Declared D.C.’s Native Cocktail

Lobbyist and Confederate army veteran Colonel Joseph Rickey—or possibly his bartender, George Williamson—invented the concoction in 1883

You are never too old to play with your food.

Play With Your Food

Some playthings veer off into sheer ridiculousness when it comes to interacting with what's on a plate

Chocolate Stout Milk Shake

Beer for Dessert

Pairing beer with savory foods is what most of us traditionally do. But who's to say you can't find beers fit for a dessert course?

What foods can't you get on a stick these days?

Insects as a Food Source

Entomophagy—the fancy Latin term for eating insects—is beginning to catch on in the Western Hemisphere

Birdshot + jello

Law and Order: Jell-O Gelatin Unit

From drunk driving to acts of Cold War espionage, here's a look at how Jell-O has sprung up in our criminal justice system

Books for Dads Who Love to Cook (Or Want to Learn)

Our 21st century culture is encouraging men to dispense with old gender roles and crack out the pots and pans


The File Inside the Cake: True Tales of Prison Escapes

Jailbirds really have tried to fly the coop by way of contraband—files, handsaws and even guns—hidden inside baked goods

In the midst of Broadway's musicals, there's a little food to be found. Times Square Fisheye.

Seven Snarfable Showtunes

In anticipation of Sunday's Tony Awards ceremony, here are some of Broadway's tastiest food-related songs


The Joys of Jell-O

If you're feeling creative and adventurous and want to mount a Jell-O-based art project, you need to know a few things about how the stuff works

Most of your neighborhood ice cream vendors peaceably sell frozen treats. Good Humor Man.

Law and Order: Ice Cream Truck Unit

Here's the scoop on four cases of criminal behavior involving the local ice cream man

A Daily Food Guide. This graphic illustrates the four food group system that preceded the food pyramid model.

USDA Demolishing the Food Pyramid

USDA began offering nutritional advice in 1894. We had 12 food groups in the 1930s, seven in the 1940s, four in the 1950s, then a pyramid and now a plate

The library in the Ava Gardner Museum is filled with portraits painted by Bert Pfeiffer, who vowed to paint one of Ava every year.

The Ava Gardner Museum

What started as a childhood friend's collection has grown into a full-fledged museum just miles from the movie star's hometown

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