Is it possible to forget a few bad food memories and have a healthy relationship with a foodstuff?

Inviting Writing: Food and Reconciliation


Law and Order: New Culinary Crimes

Burglary, felony theft, criminal mischief, abusing a corpse—last month alone was rife with food-related crimes and convictions

How will you be working with pumpkins in your kitchen this fall?

Five Ways to Cook With Pumpkin

It's time to think outside the pie crust and consider other ways you can put pumpkin on your table

With veggies like these, would you make soup or music?

The Sweet Sound of… Vegetables?

Vienna's Vegetable Orchestra makes music by thunking on pumpkins and making carrot recorders and cucumberphones

Brazilian bombshell Carmen Miranda, the lady in the tutti-frutti hat

Vogue Vittles: The Cross Between Food and Fashion

Before Lady Gaga's beef dress, there were Wonder Bread raincoats, waffle pants and Marilyn Monroe in a potato sack

"We Were Made For Each Other"

Meet Anthropomorphized Foods Artist Terry Border


Shark Fin Soup in Hot Water

A Manhattan, mixed using Maker's Mark bourbon

Bourbon Renewal: The Rise, Fall and Rebirth of America’s Native Spirit

Despite prohibition, changing palates and charlatan whiskeys, this national drink has made a comeback

Ribs, a tasty gateway to moral turpitude

Law and Order Culinary Crimes Unit: Even More Food Crimes

What do a drunk, a blogger, a toy gun-toting thief and a bride and groom have in common?

A fried peanut butter and banana sandwich

Five Funky Ways to Make a Peanut Butter Sandwich

Although peanut butter and jelly is the classic combination, there are plenty of other, very strange permutations for your lunchbox

Perhaps it's time to start teaching kids useful kitchen skills in home economics classes.

Is Home Economics Class Still Relevant?

"Too many Americans simply don't know how to cook," says a historian, and that has contributed to a health crisis

Scientists recently discovered the wild yeast that came to be used to brew lager beer.

Big Brew-ha-ha: Scientists Discover Lager’s Wild Yeast

Beer, a cornerstone of human civilization, owes its alcohol and flavor to yeast; one important variety made a long trans-Atlantic journey

Blackstrap molasses

Four Deadly Disasters Caused by Food

There are things you can do to prepare for a hurricane, but what about the London Beer Flood or the Boston Molasses Disaster?

Hurricane Dean, a category 5 storm, rampaged through the Caribbean in 2007

Food For Emergency Situations

While it's hard to be the consummate kitchen maven in the face of disaster, it's still possible to manage food prep without a fully functional kitchen


Law and Order: More Culinary Crimes

Those who live outside the law sometimes meet their downfall through their relationship with food

Bedroom + kitchen + bathroom

How to Cook in the Dorm Room

Lack of space and college rules don't have to put the kibosh on your first adventures in cooking as an independent young adult

I love ketchup

What Ever Happened to Homemade Ketchup?

By the mid-1800s, some cookbooks listed as many as 20 recipes. Today the homogenized condiment is due for a paradigm shift

Cafeteria cuisine can be forgettable—but the people you dine with can make lunchtime a savory experience.

Inviting Writing: Cafeteria Culture

Fried frog legs

The Ecological Effects of Eating Frog Legs

As Kermit said, "All I can see are millions of frogs with tiny crutches"

When Bad Things Happen to Good Food

It may be no use crying over spilled milk, but the loss of certain other foods might merit a handkerchief

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