Researchers have developed a coating that could one day make cashmere sweaters that never have to be cleaned.

Good-bye, Dry Cleaning. Hello, Self-Cleaning Cashmere

Researchers in Hong Kong have developed a nano-coating that cleans fabric when exposed to light

Faye Wu, a graduate student in mechanical engineering, demonstrates the "supernumerary robotic fingers."

Multitask Like Never Before With These Robotic Fingers

Many hands make light work, right? Well, MIT researchers have created a wrist-worn robot with a couple extra digits

This fall, blind passengers will be able to navigate these halls completely independently thanks to a new iPhone app.

Indoor Mapping Lets the Blind Navigate Airports

A prototype system of an iPhone app and location beacons launched at San Francisco International Airport

A trim cellphone accessory keeps you in touch when there's no cell service in sight.

No Network? This Device Will Get Texts Through No Matter What

The GoTenna smartphone accessory uses short-wave radio signals to send messages, no cell tower necessary

A mock-up of what GE's calorie-counting device might look like.

A Device That Counts Calories for You

GE researchers are developing a system that calculates the exact calories in food using microwaves

A wearable wireless radio replaces your PIN code.

This Temporary Tattoo Can Unlock A Phone

Motorola and VivaLnk release an electronic sticker that replaces your passcode

The E-Fan 2.0 completes a demonstration flight at the Farnborough International Airshow.

Airbus Demos A Near-Silent, Zero-Emission Plane

The E-Fan 2.0 is the first step on the road to all-electric and hybrid flight

New traffic-light timing software could put an end to gridlock.

Better Traffic-Light Timing Will Get You There Faster

New algorithms from MIT researchers keep gridlock at bay by predicting traffic before it starts

The 3D-print surface on Orange Maker's prototype heliolithography printer.

Coming in 2015: A Faster, Sharper Way to 3D Print

Orange Maker's Helios One prints in a spiral, as opposed to layer by layer, making the entire process more efficient

Actor Andy Serkis's motion-capture performance rendered into a photo-perfect computer-generated ape.

How New Motion Capture Tech Transformed Actors Into Creatures for "Dawn of the Planet of the Apes"

The special effects team behind Gollum and King Kong took on its most-challenging feat yet: animating 2,000 apes in a real forest

A doctor administers a common glaucoma test.

A Smart Sensor Could Detect Glaucoma Before Your Doctor Does

A pair of Washington researchers could be first to implant an electronic sensor—designed to give real-time analysis of the disease—directly into the eye

The clip-on Bluetooth device guides you through less-stressful days by keeping tabs on how you're breathing.

Stressed? The Latest In Wearables Could Help Keep You Calm

Spire, a clip-on Bluetooth device available this fall, keeps tabs on stress by monitoring how you breathe

The current go-to method for testing blood-alcohol is a breathalyzer. But lasers could help police officers detect drunk drivers as soon as next year.

Lasers Could Detect Drunk Drivers On The Road

Polish researchers say they have developed a method to check blood alcohol levels through car windows

The default cartoon alter-ego mimics your facial expressions in real time messages to your friends.

An App That Captures Emotions In Real Time

Pocket Avatars, an app developed through Intel Labs, uses sophisticated facial-tracking to map your emotions and send them to your friends.

New football technology--seen here in a prototype--could outfit balls with a transmitter that helps track their location.

Ball-Tracking Tech for (American) Football

The World Cup has its own system. But new technology could help spot the pigskin through a 10-lineman pileup on the gridiron.

An app captures a physical Lego build and converts it into a digital play-thing.

Your Lego Castles Can Be Captured In 3D (There's An App For That)

A physical-to-digital game sets allows kids (and adults) to bring real-life creations to apps

Raw tomato pomace begins Ford's process.

Making Car Parts From Tomatoes

Ford and Heinz want to replace barrels of petroleum used in manufacturing with buckets of tomato skins

A one-inch sensor, mounted on a robotic arm, can analyzes compounds emitted by plants to detect disease before it's too late.

Robots That Can Sniff Out Crop Disease

Georgia Tech engineers have developed a sensor that could save billions in lost crops

An image projection from a QPI chip.

Your Smartphone And Sunglasses Could Soon Project Holograms

A chip the size of a TicTac can project images, in 2D or 3D, from everyday objects.

These Batteries Recharge With Waste Heat

A new system developed by a team from Stanford and MIT takes excess heat and turns it into electricity.

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