Automatic truck platoons could come to highways near you by the middle of next year.

Robotic Truck Convoys Could Change All Kinds Of Transportation

A Silicon Valley startup's software automates how vehicles react to conditions on the road, offering new possibilities for fuel savings and efficiency

The California-based Raydiance has released a machine called R-Cut, which uses a femtosecond laser to cut sleek glass surfaces that aren't possible with existing manufacturing.

Lasers Faster Than The Blink Of An Eye Could Change Glass On Our Phones

A new screen-chiseling method will give high-end finishes to low-end phones—and could revolutionize screens in everything from cars to smart watches, too.

A new way to wirelessly charge devices inside the body could allow for medical implants as small as a grain of rice.

No Batteries Here: New Implants Can Charge Through Your Body's Own Tissue

A device being tested by Stanford University researchers is the latest in an area of medical development known as “electroceuticals.”

"Roombots" could change the way we build furniture.

Robots As Furniture?

A team of Swiss researchers has created robots that self-assemble into tables and chairs—but they could also be used to help the elderly and disabled.

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