Women in Science

Who will be the next Hamilton?

Which Great American Should Be Immortalized With the Next Big Broadway Musical?

<em>Hamilton</em> has caught the nation's attention. A panel of Smithsonian writers and curators suggest who's next.

Sisters Emilia Ponzoni, Regina Colombo, Concetta Finardi and Luigia Panceri mapped the positions and brightness of 481,215 stars.

These Little-Known Nuns Helped Map the Stars

A century later, the identities of women who mapped over 481,000 stars are finally known

The women "computers" pose for a group photo in 1953.

NASA’s 'Rocket Girls' Are No Longer Forgotten History

Thanks to a new book, these female pioneers who helped the U.S. win the space race are finally getting their due

Maria Goeppert Mayer, co-winner of the 1963 Nobel Prize in Physics for her work on nuclear shell structures. She is just one of hundreds of women added to Wikipedia by the Wikiproject Women Scientists

How a College Student Led the WikiProject Women Scientists

Emily Temple-Wood's Women Scientist project is writing female researchers back into the conversation

Half of NASA's astronaut class of 2013 are women.

Half of NASA's Newest Astronaut Class Are Women

38 years after NASA hired its first female astronauts, four women are training to go to Mars

The Young Inventor Who Is a "Minder" of a Business of Her Own

At age 11, Lilianna Zyszkowski designed a new life-saving device to help people track their medication. That was just the beginning

Russian scientists are training rhesus monkeys like these for a mission to Mars in 2017.

Russia Wants to Send Monkeys to Mars and Women to the Moon

The Russian space agency has announced plans for space missions through 2029

A plate from Metamorphosis insectorum Surinamensium

Meet the 17th Century Female Entomologist Who Illustrated Butterfly Life Cycles

Maria Sibylla Merian’s work fought superstition and societal norms

Almost Half of Black and Latina Scientists Report They’ve Been Mistaken for Administrative Assistants or Janitors

Women of color in science are more likely to experience some forms of bias

Today’s Google Doodle Honors Sally Ride

Five animations show the first American woman astronaut's sense of fun

Cognitive Scientists Question a Journal's Gender Balance

A major journal publishes a special issue with a striking lack of women authors

Doing science in the field wrecks havoc on the nails

Just Another #ManicureMonday for Women Scientists and Their Dirty Nails

For a Smithsonian researcher, Monday is a day to honor the women in science and other uses for nail polish

Elizabeth Blackwell was a pioneer of women in medicine.

The First Woman in America to Receive an M.D. Was Admitted to Med School as a Joke

When the students at Geneva Medical College voted in jest to admit a woman, they unwittingly paved the way for Elizabeth Blackwell’s trailblazing career

Emphasizing Natural Brilliance Might Keep Women Away From Certain Fields

Disparities in science prompted researchers to look into other fields — such as philosophy and economics — as well to find a cause

James Watson Will Be the First Nobel Laureate to Sell His Medallion

But his racist comments have created a surge of pushback

Computer engineers working on Cray Supercomputers in 1983

What Happened to All the Women in Computer Science?

The low numbers of female computer science majors may have roots in the mid-1980s and the rise of personal computers

Maryam Mirzakhani, a mathematician at Stanford University, won the Fields Medal for breakthroughs in geometry and dynamical systems.

This Female Mathematician Just Became the First Woman to Ever Win the Fields Medal

The Fields Medal is mathematics' equivalent to the Nobel Prize

Lack of Workplace Support Keeps Women Out of Engineering Careers

Aspiring female engineers say that they perceive little chance of advancing in their field

Scientific fieldwork can be exciting, but can also create an environment where sexual harassment occurs a new study finds

64% Of Surveyed Scientists Have Experienced Harassment During Fieldwork

Female trainees are particularly vulnerable

We Know Physics is Largely White and Male, But Exactly How White and Male is Still Striking

Most current physics students will likely never have an African American physics teacher, says a new survey

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