Computers Are Learning How To Teach Each Other New Skills

Why would you teach a computer how to teach other computers how to murder more efficiently?

While LA Journalists Hid Under Desks, a Robot Wrote a Story About the Earthquake

Journalism robots might not be such a bad idea. Especially when you’re trying to stay safe after an earthquake.

Jason Barnes

This Prosthetic Hand Lets a Drummer Play Again

“I’ll bet a lot of metal drummers might be jealous of what I can do now,” he said. “Speed is good. Faster is always better”

This Robot Is Trying to Get Into College

The Todai Robot artificial intelligence system is trying to clear the University of Tokyo entrance exam

This Paper Chameleon Robot Is Surprisingly Lifelike

At first glance, you might mistake this chameleon for the real thing. But this little green lady is made out of paper and gears.

Various ways to morph regular fishing line into ultra-strong artificial muscles.

The Ultra-Strong Robotic Muscles of the Future Could Be Made From Fishing Line

One day, we could have muscles made of fishing line in our own bodies, too

A Swarm of Tumbleweed-Like Robots Might Be the Ideal Desert Data Gatherers

The hardy robots can traverse places that would be difficult or very expensive to send human data-gatherers

Hello? Are you asleep or dead?

Could a Computer Ever Learn to Identify Death?

Identify signs of life in a human might still be beyond a computer’s grasp


These Non-Gear Shaped Gears Work Better Than You’d Expect

These are the manic pixie dream gears you’ve been waiting for

Sometime early next year, a small subset of patrons will be able to sample a precision-poured cocktail concocted by a smooth operator named Monsieur.

Cheers! Robot Bartender Mixes Drinks, Senses When You Need a Double Shot

Will the Monsieur be the espresso machine of party cocktails?

Home deliveries are just one potential use of personal drones.

When Drones Get Personal

So we've seen how a drone can deliver a package, but can one become a buddy with a camera?

Would you murder this robot?

Should Robots Have Rights?

Would you murder a robot? If you did, should you be charged for it?

Teaching a simulated robot to walk is significantly easier if it starts with a simple body plan and grows limbs as it learns.

Beware. Scientists are Creating Machines That Can Evolve on Their Own

Or to put it a nicer way, researchers have found a way for robots to grow on their own

Can’t Make a Conference? Send a Robot Instead

Now, even if you can't swing the trip to the First Annual Catholic Conference on Geocentrism, you can send a robot instead

Brain scans show that the neurological patterns linked with pangs of empathy for humans also occur when we see a robot like WALL-E treated harshly.

Neuroscience Explores Why Humans Feel Empathy for Robots

Brain scans show that the neurological patterns linked with pangs of empathy for humans also occur when we see a robot treated harshly

Baxter, a robot that can work with humans.

Hope and Change: 5 Innovation Updates

Here's the latest on robots that work with humans, a revolutionary camera, home 3-D printers, mobile wallets and Google's driverless car

The helper robot brings the child of the future something to drink in bed (1981)

My Robot Helper of Tomorrow

Forget flying cars and jetbacks, whatever happened to my cereal-serving robot?

Robot server at the Two Panda Deli in Pasadena, California

The Disco-Blasting Robot Waiters of 1980s Pasadena

In 1983, a Chinese fast-food restaurant hired a curious-looking pair of servers: Tanbo R-1 and Tanbo R-2


How to Become the Engineers of Our Own Evolution

The "transhumanist" movement says better technology will enable you to replace more and more body parts—even your brain


Robot Swan Dances Swan Lake

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