Fred and Ginger quickly and precisely configure the optical fibers beneath them.

Fred and Ginger

Two robots, neither as graceful as its namesake, but no less accomplished, are among advances keeping scientists on the cutting edge


Living Off the Land

Robots that feed themselves could become self-propelled farm machines—or military snipers


Something's Fishy about this Robot

When it comes to speed and maneuverability, fish leave man-made submersibles floundering, but RoboTuna and friends may change all that


Redefining Robots

At his laboratory in Los Alamos, New Mexico, researcher Mark Tilden creates machines that march to the beat of a different drummer

"Machine with 22 Scraps of Paper" by Arthur Ganson in Art Electronica Museum of Future

Arthur Can Make a Machine That Waves Goodbye

MIT sculptor Arthur Ganson is on a roll, creating machines that whir and clack as they seem to take on a life of their own

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