Meet the Newest (Robotic) Member of Your Family

This emotional robot can tell stories, remember appointments, and make faces

Infantryman Brandon Dieckmann poses with LS3.

Boston Dynamics' Robotic Mule Is Doing War Games With the Marines

This is the first time the DARPA-funded robot has been in the field

The Pixar version of ISEE-3 would have more dramatic eyes.

It's a Sad Day for ISEE-3, As the Bid to Save the Long-Lost Satellite Fails

We can't help but feel bad for the little lonely satellite

Former NASA Engineer Wants To Build A Car-Juggling Robot

Former NASA Engineer Wants To Build A Car-Juggling Robot

Nao robots race—slowly—to the open ball.

RoboCup: Building a Team of Robots That Will Beat The World Cup Champions

By 2050, robotic experts at the annual world robotic's championship hope to create a team of robots that can best the winning World Cup team

The mind-controlled exoskeleton developed by Miguel Nicolelis and his colleagues will allow a paralyzed teenager to make the ceremonial first kick of the 2014 World Cup.

Mind-Controlled Technology Extends Beyond Exoskeletons

A wearable robot controlled by brain waves will take center stage at the World Cup this week, but it’s not the only mind-controlled tech out there

A slate sculpture of Alan Turing by artist Stephen Kettle sits at the Bletchley Park National Codes Centre in Great Britain.

The Turing Test Measures Something, But It's Not "Intelligence"

A computer program mimicked human conversation so well that it was mistaken for a real live human, but "machine intelligence" still has a long way to go

Atlas V Launches the New Horizons Mission to Pluto.

Take a Peek Into the Future's Present With Our Live Coverage of Smithsonian's Two-Day Festival

The magazine's 2nd annual conference brings together experts, authors and visionaries in the fields of science, science fiction and technology.

Why Do We Love R2-D2 and Not C-3PO?

With its stubby cylindrical body and playful whistles and beeps, the lovable Star Wars’ robot R2-D2 is just the right mix of man and machine

The Majority of Web Traffic Comes From Robots

While humans may be very good at surfing the internet, this is yet another thing that robots do better

Computers Are Learning How To Teach Each Other New Skills

Why would you teach a computer how to teach other computers how to murder more efficiently?

While LA Journalists Hid Under Desks, a Robot Wrote a Story About the Earthquake

Journalism robots might not be such a bad idea. Especially when you’re trying to stay safe after an earthquake.

Jason Barnes

This Prosthetic Hand Lets a Drummer Play Again

“I’ll bet a lot of metal drummers might be jealous of what I can do now,” he said. “Speed is good. Faster is always better”

This Robot Is Trying to Get Into College

The Todai Robot artificial intelligence system is trying to clear the University of Tokyo entrance exam

This Paper Chameleon Robot Is Surprisingly Lifelike

At first glance, you might mistake this chameleon for the real thing. But this little green lady is made out of paper and gears.

Various ways to morph regular fishing line into ultra-strong artificial muscles.

The Ultra-Strong Robotic Muscles of the Future Could Be Made From Fishing Line

One day, we could have muscles made of fishing line in our own bodies, too

A Swarm of Tumbleweed-Like Robots Might Be the Ideal Desert Data Gatherers

The hardy robots can traverse places that would be difficult or very expensive to send human data-gatherers

Hello? Are you asleep or dead?

Could a Computer Ever Learn to Identify Death?

Identify signs of life in a human might still be beyond a computer’s grasp


These Non-Gear Shaped Gears Work Better Than You’d Expect

These are the manic pixie dream gears you’ve been waiting for

Sometime early next year, a small subset of patrons will be able to sample a precision-poured cocktail concocted by a smooth operator named Monsieur.

Cheers! Robot Bartender Mixes Drinks, Senses When You Need a Double Shot

Will the Monsieur be the espresso machine of party cocktails?

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