Renovation and Restoration

People crowding in front of Selma's House on the opening day of the Louis Armstrong House Museum in 2003.

Preserving the Home of Selma Heraldo, Neighbor and Friend of Louis Armstrong

Heraldo bequeathed her home to the Louis Armstrong House Museum, which plans to renovate the property with the help of a sizable city grant

General Director Taco Dibbits with "The Night Watch"

You'll Be Able to Watch Rembrandt’s Most Ambitious Work Be Restored In-Person—or Online

Experts at the Rijksmuseum estimate the process of conserving “The Night Watch” is expected to take several years

Artist rendering of the National Mall entrance following the seven-year renovation

What’s Open and What’s Not During the National Air and Space Museum’s Seven-Year Renovation

Visitors might be inconvenienced, but the much-loved Washington, D.C. museum is undergoing a massive revitalization

View of the restored Guarini chapel

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21 Years After Fire, Shroud of Turin Chapel Restored to Former Glory

The space, originally designed by priest and mathematician Guarino Guarini, includes a spectacular and intricate wood and marble dome

A light installation by visual artist Edward Raffel titled "Rafter Dance" from the 2017 Rooms to Let: CLE event.

Vibrant Art Installations Infuse New Life into Abandoned Houses in This Cleveland Neighborhood

Hit hard by the recession, Slavic Village is slowly making a comeback with the help of artists and neighborhood groups

Seattle’s Iconic Space Needle Unveils New Look After $100 Million Renovation

The update allows visitors to experience 360-degree views of the city from the observation deck

A scene from The City Without Jews.

1924 Film That Anticipates the Holocaust Found and Restored

A collector found a complete copy of the film at a flea market in Paris in 2015

Excavation of Antioch-on-the-Orontes

2,000-Year-Old Mosaics Unearthed Under Florida Art Museum

The relics came from ancient Antioch and were buried by museum officials in 1989 for storage purposes

The 1848 "Grand Panorama of a Whaling Voyage ‘Round the World."

Museum Restores North America's Longest Painting

Completed in 1848, the quarter-mile-long panorama deteriorated after it toured the country on wagons and trains

Conservationists Give New Life to 350-Year-Old Map of Australia

Created in 1663, the map reflects early knowledge of a mysterious continent

Sleek new entranceways will grace the refurbished museum.

Here's Why Washington’s Beloved Air and Space Museum Is Facing a Sweeping Seven-Year Upgrade

The museum will remain open as it works to enhance the visitor's experience

Harriet Tubman’s Canadian Church Is Struggling to Survive

The Salem Chapel in St. Catharines, Ontario, is in desperate need of repairs

The Lion of Al-lāt in 2010

Ancient Statue Damaged by ISIS Resurrected in Damascus

Palmyra's Lion of Al-lāt, as the statue is known, once adorned the temple of a pre-Islamic goddess

The Devastating Fire That Left Windsor Castle in Shambles

Windsor Castle, the scene of a disastrous fire in 1992, was badly in need of restoration. One problem: The bill was likely to be in the millions

Notre-Dame Is in Desperate Need of Repairs

The archbishop of Paris has launched a fundraising campaign in the hopes of saving the historic structure

Highly social, narwhals travel in pods, often broken off by sex, and communicate via complex vocalizations that seem to be specific to their herds.

Does the Narwhal's Majestic Tusk Have a Point?

A Connecticut dentist, turned curator of a new exhibition, has long worked to solve the secrets of the whale's characteristic horn

Horatio Greenough’s 12-ton marble statue of George Washington heralds the newly reopened west wing gallery.

Renovated Museum Wing Delves Into Untold Chapters of American History

“The Nation We Build Together” questions American ideals through exhibits on democracy, religion, diversity and more

Seattle’s Space Needle Is Getting a Makeover to Enhance Panoramic Views

Tonedall Mills, once a large textile mill, is listed as an at-risk property in the 'Up My Street' catalogue.

UK Charity Calls On Developers to Save At-Risk Buildings

The ‘Up My Street’ catalogue profiles 100 historic properties in desperate need of repair

Italy is hoping to draw tourists to less-frequented parts of the country, like sites along the Appian Way, pictured here.

Italy Is Giving Away 103 Historic Buildings, Free of Charge

But potential owners are required to transform the properties into tourist-friendly sites

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