Renovation and Restoration

The Mausoleum of Augustus

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Rome Is Finally Restoring the Mausoleum of Augustus

Once the tomb of emperors, a project funded by a telecom company hopes to revive the massive monument now covered in trash and weeds

Bison returning to Banff


Bison Back in Banff After 130 Years

Parks Canada released 16 of the wooly ungulates in the national park in a pilot project to re-establish the species

How a Fire Opened Buckingham Palace Up to the Public

A fierce backlash about the repair cost of a fire-damaged Windsor Castle led to a startling royal decision: Buckingham Palace would be opened to the public

Boeing N2S

Take to the Skies in One of These Restored Vintage WWII Airplanes

Earn your wings and experience a slice of aviation history from the cockpit of a historic aircraft

Proposal for Trinity Park

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Dallas Proposes the Country's Largest Urban Park

A 10,000-acre Nature District could turn the Trinity River into the city’s centerpiece

The newly restored "St. John the Baptist," by Leonardo da Vinci.

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The Louvre Has Restored "St. John the Baptist"

To clean, or not to clean?

An annotated note hidden in the margins of an 18th-century mathematical manuscript by a past restoration attempt.

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How Experts Are Digitizing Ancient Manuscripts

Digital preservation is more work than it might seem

The Mary Rose undergoing restoration.

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Explore Skulls and Artifacts From a 16th-Century Warship

The <i>Mary Rose</i> was the pride of Henry VIII’s fleet before it sank at sea

Ten Things to Love in What Is Now the Nation’s Largest Modern Art Museum

SFMOMA is finally open after three years of renovations, and it’s magnificent

The Washington Monument went through years of expensive restoration work following a 2011 earthquake.

NASA Responds to an S.O.S. of Historic Proportions

Rocket technology could save our (historic) structures from earthquakes

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Seattle's Famous 'Gum Wall' Is Getting Scraped Clean

An estimated 1,000,000 pieces of chewing gum are stuck to the quirky attraction

When people come to the Smithsonian,” says lighting designer Scott Rosenfeld, (inside the gallery displaying the work of mixed media artist Gabriel Dawe) “they want to experience art. They don’t have to worry about spectrum.”

The Renwick Reopens

The Renwick's New Lighting Saves Energy, Money, Art, and Your Eyes, All at the Same Time

There’s way more to it than just screwing in the bulb and the museum’s chief lighting designer is turning it into an artform

An expert at work on a painting at the Opificio Delle Pietre Dure

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Inside the Italian Art Hospital That Rescues Old Paintings

A catastrophic flood gave this Florence workshop a new mission

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Volunteers are Struggling to Maintain New Orleans’ Iconic Tombs

Many cemetery vaults are crumbling due to weather, vandalism and disrepair

The dazzling estate where Al Capone lived and died fell into disrepair in the 70s and 80s. Now that a property investment firm has restored it and brought it up to code, the historic property will be available for video and photo shoots.

Look Inside the Restored Mansion Where Al Capone Lived and Died

A property firm just renovated the infamous gangster’s Florida estate after it had fallen into disrepair. Here’s what the lavish home looks like now

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Evidence of a Seating Plan Discovered at the Colosseum

Restoration efforts reveal the red-painted numbers that would help ancient Romans find their status-dictated seats

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Where the Buffalo Roam: Illinois

American bison are back in Illinois for the first time in 200 years

The Taj backs up against the once-vibrant Yamuna River, now often dried to the point where locals can walk in the riverbed.

Ask Smithsonian 2017

How to Save the Taj Mahal?

A debate rages over preserving the awe-inspiring, 350-year-old monument that now shows signs of distress from pollution and shoddy repairs

The missions—built between 1769 and 1823 and extending in a chain of 600 miles from Sonoma to San Diego—stand as symbols of California's Spanish colonial past. Pictured is San Miguel's bell tower.

A Tour of California's Spanish Missions

A poignant reminder of the region's fraught history, missions such as San Miguel are treasured for their stark beauty

Designed by Polish-American Daniel Libeskind, the Zlota 44 building, which is under construction, may lift the city's profile.

Warsaw on the Rise

A new crop of skyscrapers symbolizes the Polish capital's effort to rebuild its downtrodden image

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