See Exactly Where Air Quality in America Has Gotten Better

New maps from NASA show where air quality has gotten better over time

Fish Exposed to Oil From BP Gulf Spill Swim Half as Fast

This is the second study in several months suggesting that the BP Deepwater Horizon spill has had lasting harmful effects on fish

It's critical we cut carbon emissions, says UCLA study

Here Are the Five Best Ways to Fight Climate Change, Ranked by Scientists

Given their "feasibility, cost-effectiveness, risk, public acceptance, governability and ethics," these are the best ways to fight global warming

Even Tiny Amounts of Radioactive Food Made Caterpillars Become Abnormal Butterflies

Even a tiny amount of radioactive food can turn caterpillars into mutated butterflies

Trash, such as this glass bottle, has been found deep in the ocean, far away from shore.

Your Garbage Is Polluting Even The Deep, Remote Reaches of the Ocean

Scientists have found plastic, glass and other trash littering the seafloor and collecting in canyons

Engineers Are Constructing a Giant Steel Lid to Contain Chernobyl’s Radioactive Core

The arch-shaped lid will protect against radioactive dust should Chernobyl's decaying facilities collapse

Young Fish Exposed to Deepwater Horizon Oil Develop Defects in Their Hearts

The impacts extend to economically valuable species such as tuna and amberjack

Air Pollution Contributes to One in Eight Deaths

The World Health Organization says air pollution is the leading environmental hazard

Traffic in Paris

You Can Ride the Paris Metro for Free Right Now

But if you have a car with an even-numbered license plate, you're not allowed to drive

The 13,000-foot high Grasberg mine contains the largest single gold reserve in the world, and the largest copper deposit as well.

The Environmental Disaster That is the Gold Industry

The mining industry has had a devastating impact on ecosystems worldwide. Is there any hope in sight?

Tar sands are mined in Western Canada's Athabasca fields.

Mining Tar Sands Produces Much More Air Pollution Than We Thought

Research shows that emissions of a class of air pollutants are two to three orders of magnitude higher than previously calculated

Clouds of haze rise above China, largely the result of the country's massive manufacturing industry.

Air Pollution in China Is Spreading Across the Pacific to the U.S.

China is sending detectable levels of pollution to the U.S., but a significant fraction of it results from manufacturing products for American customers

A screenshot of the first video of a giant squid in the wild.

The Top Five Ocean Stories of 2013

This year we've seen amazing footage of marine creatures, discovered how plastic works its way into the food chain, employed 3D printing to build new reefs

We've Done So Well by Chesapeake Oysters, We Can Start Eating Them Again

Perhaps this time we can keep ourselves from eating them to oblivion

More Than Three Years Later, Oil From the Deepwater Horizon Persists in the Gulf

Continued testing has found evidence of oil in the water, sediments and marine animals of the Gulf

Air Pollution as Seen From the Skies

From Mt. Etna to China to the Sahara, these striking satellite images of air pollution are from both natural and man-made causes


Mystery at Sea

How mercury gets into tuna and other fish in the ocean has scientists searching from the coast to the floor

Tide pools with sea stars and sea anemone


Finding pharmaceuticals in the sea, unsettling images and nuggets of Americana


Noise Busters

To dissect the din that daily assaults our ears, researchers from the Noise Pollution Clearinghouse are taking to the streets

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