Iron Age Tunic, radiocarbon-dated to c. AD 300. that was found in a glaciated mountain pass.

Norway's Melting Glaciers Release Over 2,000 Artifacts

Spanning 6,000 years, the well-preserved items hint at the history of mountain dwellers

Heddal Stave Church

Norway's Medieval Wooden Churches Look Plucked From a Fairy Tale

These historic churches feature elaborate carvings that mix Christian and Viking symbols

One of the new trees in the Future Library forest.

After 100 Years, This Entire Forest Will Be Turned into Mystery Manuscripts

Hike through Norway’s future library, currently in the form of baby trees

Color-Soaked Photographs Capture Norway's Watery Wonderlands

“One Eye Project” explores liquid landscapes and reflections of Norway’s greatest sites

Follow the Paths of Viking Raiders from Norway to North America

Visit these preserved settlement sites

Gokstad ship at the Viking Ship Museum in Oslo

Seven Must-See Museums in Norway

Each institution celebrates a different aspect of this Scandinavian country’s history

Munch's painting 'The Scream' is one of Western art's most familiar images.

The Mysterious Motives Behind the Theft of ‘The Scream’

Two versions of ‘The Scream’ have been stolen and recovered in Norway

Art Installation Recreates the Smell of Cities Around the World

The Pollution Pod project emphasizes the unequal air quality divide between rich and poor cities

Norwegian TV Series on Migrating Reindeer Impeded After Animals Stop Migrating

The animals are not moving fast enough for Norway’s "slow TV" craze

The Svalbard Global Seed Vault. A new vault will protect the world's books, archives and documents on long-lasting film

A Second Doomsday Vault—This One to to Preserve Data—Is Opening in Svalbard

Known as the Arctic World Archive, it will store copies of books, archives and documents on special film

Norway Proposes World's First Mile-Long Tunnel for Ships

The tunnel would help ships and ferries avoid rough seas around the Stadlandet Peninsula where 33 people have died since World War II

Norway: The happiest place on earth

Norwegians Are Named 2017's Happiest People

Scandanavian countries take the top spots in the annual World Happiness Report

Norway Killed the Radio Star

The Scandinavian country began a controversial phase out of FM radio broadcasts this week in favor of Digital Audio Broadcasting

A man stands on Preikestolen (Pulpit Rock) above Lysefjord.


The ancient carving after it was vandalized by well-intentioned youth.

One of the Earliest Images of Skiing Was Destroyed by Youths Trying to “Improve It”

The petroglyph was made 5,000 years ago

A falconer next to a runestone.

Learn to Be a Viking (Without the Pillaging) in Ribe, Denmark

Travel back in time in this Viking village

Reindeer races at the Sami Easter Festival.

In Northern Norway, Reindeer Racing and a "Joik" Singing Showdown Welcome in Spring

The Sami Easter Festival blends old and new traditions in Lappland's northern reaches

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