Artist's illustration of the 8th-century Viking man's burial

Unusual Viking Grave Includes Nested Boats Buried 100 Years Apart

Archaeologists don't know why the two vessels were buried on top of one another, but the practice may be linked with property rights

The little fox that could

A Young Arctic Fox Traveled From Norway to Canada in 76 Days

The animal trekked an average of 28 miles per day, covering a distance of 2,175 miles during her journey from Spitsbergen to Ellesmere Island

Paisaje Artico de Sommarøy

This Norwegian Island Wants to Become the World’s First Time-Free Zone

‘Our goal is to provide full flexibility, 24/7,’ one resident said. ‘If you want to cut the lawn at 4 a.m., then you do it.’

The warder is the first of five missing pieces to materialize since the remaining chessmen’s discovery in 1831

A Medieval Chess Piece Potentially Worth $1.2 Million Languished in a Drawer for Decades

The Lewis warder, part of a larger trove of 12th-century ivory chessmen, was purchased for £5 in 1964

Edvard Munch, "Self-Portrait with Tulla Larsen," ca. 1905

British Museum Reunites Portrait That Edvard Munch Sawed in Half to Avenge His Fiancée

The Norwegian painter split the canvas in two following a violent breakup with partner Tulla Larsen

Thor Heyerdahl photographed with archaeological artifacts from Easter Island

Norway Will Repatriate Thousands of Artifacts Taken From Easter Island

Thor Heyerdahl Jr. says his late father had promised to return the items after they had been analyzed and detailed in published works

A bit of the ancient delta off the coast of Svalbard.

Earth's Largest River Delta Was the Size of Alaska

The Triassic Snadd delta between Norway and Russia lasted millions of years and was likely a biodiversity hotspot

Ice merchants stored imported blocks of frozen Norwegian fjords in this massive egg-shaped structure

London Archaeologists Unearth Subterranean Georgian-Era Ice Store

The entrance to the cavernous chamber, which was used to hold ice before the advent of modern refrigeration, was covered up following the Blitz

The Best Places to See Reindeer Around the World

From Norway to Alaska, here's where to see members of Santa's herd in person

A statue in Joachim Ronneberg's honor stands tall outside the city hall in Alesund

The Commando Who Foiled Hitler's Atomic Ambitions Has Died

Norwegian resistance fighter Joachim Ronneberg led the raid that destroyed stock of "heavy water" Hitler needed to produce weapons-grade plutonium

A Norwegian Lebensborn home.

Norway Apologizes for Persecuting WWII "German Girls"

Women who consorted with Nazi soldiers were attacked, shunned and deported after the war

Radar data pinpoints the remains of the Viking ship

Rare Viking Ship Burial Found in Norway

Ground-penetrating radar detected the remains of a 66-foot long boat along with the traces other burial mounds and five longhouses

How Fish Farms Can Use Facial Recognition to Survey Sick Salmon

A Norwegian aquaculture company plans to combat sea lice and other problems by monitoring individual salmon in a high-tech fish farms

Norway’s latest ships, including the passenger vessel Future of the Fjords, may portend the end of carbon-belching vessels. Of the 60 or so fully electric or hybrid vessels in operation globally, 40 percent are Norwegian.

Norway's Newest Ships Give a Glimpse Into the Future of Sustainable Seafaring

The country is using oil and gas riches to engineer emission-free vessels

After 100 Years, Roald Amundsen's Polar Ship Returns to Norway

<i>Maud</i>, which sunk in Arctic Canada in 1930, was floated across the Atlantic to its new home in a museum in Vollen

Walrus-tusk wealth

Greenland's Vikings Got Wealthy Off Walrus Tusks

New DNA study reveals how the Norse Greenlanders cornered the market on ivory in Europe

The Nazis regularly used chemical fog to hide its Tirpitz battleship in the Norwegian fjords during World War II.

Norwegian Trees Still Bear Evidence of a World War II German Battleship

A chemical fog used to camouflage the ship impacted the trees, limiting ring development

Leif Erikson pointing toward North America. Did he use a sunstone to navigate the open seas?

Simulation Suggests Viking Sunstones of Legend Could Have Worked

If they existed, the crystals—used to locate the sun's position on cloudy days—could have helped Vikings sail to far away places

The Nazi atomic effort relied on work done in this remote lab.

How a Sneak Attack By Norway's Skiing Soldiers Deprived the Nazis of the Atomic Bomb

Seventy-five years ago, in Operation Gunnerside, a stealthy group of commandos took out a crucial Nazi chemical plant

Terje Isungset on the ice horn

These Musical Instruments Are All Made of Ice

Chill out at Norway's Ice Music Festival this February

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