Researchers used infrared photography to take a closer look at a sentence scrawled on Edvard Munch's The Scream.

Who Scribbled This Cryptic Graffiti on 'The Scream'?

New research suggests that the painting's artist, Edvard Munch, wrote the secret message around 1895

A map of Doggerland, which once connected Britain to mainland Europe

Study Rewrites History of Ancient Land Bridge Between Britain and Europe

New research suggests that climate change, not a tsunami, doomed the now-submerged territory of Doggerland

The cold and isolation of the Svalbard archipelago helps preserve the Arctic World Archive's contents.

Norway Preserves 'The Scream' for Future Generations by Burying Digital Copy in Arctic Coal Mine

The Munch masterpiece joins digitized art and artifacts from more than 15 countries in the "futureproof" Arctic World Archive

The Langfonne ice patch has shrunk dramatically over the past 20 years.

Melting Ice in Norway Reveals Ancient Arrows

Finds from reindeer hunts span 5,000 years, from the Stone Age to the medieval era

In 2018, researchers used ground-penetrating radar to locate the remains of the Gjellestad Viking ship.

Researchers Excavating Norwegian Viking Ship Burial Find Remnants of Elite Society

Archaeologists discovered traces of a feast hall, farmhouse, temple and 13 additional burial mounds

A digital reconstruction of the newly unearthed Norse godhouse

Ruins of Eighth-Century Pagan Temple Found in Norway

The structure—built to honor Norse gods like Thor and Odin—is the first of its kind discovered in the country

Vikings' maritime expeditions brought them out of Scandinavia and into Northern Europe, where they intermingled with local populations.

Sweeping DNA Survey Highlights Vikings' Surprising Genetic Diversity

A new study suggests Viking identity didn't always equate to Scandinavian ancestry

Archaeologists first spotted the sturgeon's bony plates near a barrel in the Gribshunden shipwreck.

Well-Preserved Atlantic Sturgeon Found in 15th-Century Danish Shipwreck

The fish's remains were stored in a barrel in the royal vessel's pantry

The island of Smøla, Norway, is thought by many to be ultima Thule, first described by the Greek explorer Pytheas.

This Norwegian Island Claims to Be the Fabled Land of Thule

Residents of Smøla believe they live in the northernmost location mentioned in ancient Greek and Roman literature. Other contenders say not so fast.

Researchers found that painting one blade black was enough to encourage the birds to alter their flight path.

Painting Wind Turbine Blades Black Help Birds Avoid Deadly Collisions

A recent study found the simple intervention reduced bird mortality by 72 percent

The Norse system of thralldom was not always complete chattel slavery, but most of the enslaved had little agency.

The Little-Known Role of Slavery in Viking Society

A new book looks at the legendary Scandinavians through their own eyes

The helmet has been on view at England's Preston Park Museum since 2012.

Millennia-Old Headgear Is One of Just Two (Almost) Intact Viking Helmets

A new study dates a piece of armor found in Britain in the 1950s to the tenth century A.D.

Government officials have moved The Seagull and The FIshermen into storage.

Norway Tears Down Picasso Mural After Years of Debate Between Authorities, Activists

Critics say the removal constitutes a crime against Norwegian cultural heritage

Release the Kraken!

The Legend, the History and the Science Behind Seattle's New Hockey Team Name

NHL fans, meet the Seattle Kraken—named for a mythical beast that may have been inspired by the very real giant squid

Artifacts found at the site include jewelry from Asia (left) and an inscribed weight possibly imported from Ireland.

Archaeology Student Finds Viking Trading Post in Norway

Artifacts unearthed at the site include jewelry, coins and pieces of silver

The four sides of a dice, as well as the front and back sides of several other game pieces found in western Norway

Ancient Roman Board Game Found in Norwegian Burial Mound

Researchers unearthed a four-sided dice and 18 circular tokens

Experts are now conducting a full excavation of the property.

Home Renovations in Norway Unearth Viking Burial

A local couple found an iron axe head and glass bead that archaeologists say may date to the ninth century

New research suggests that humidity is making the painting's yellow cadmium sulfide degrade into white.

Humidity Is a Nightmare for 'The Scream'

Moisture in the air—not light—has made the yellow pigments in Edvard Munch's masterpiece degrade

Norwegian officials plan to excavate this rare Viking ship burial site.

For the First Time in a Century, Norway Will Excavate Viking Ship Burial

Archaeologists racing to save the rare vessel from fungal attacks hope to begin work in June

The newly discovered Viking ship

Archaeologists Use Georadar Tech to Find Buried Viking Ship in Norway

Researchers say the vessel is probably more than 1,000 years old

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