Charles Lindbergh and the Rise of 1940s Nazi Sympathizers

Charles Lindbergh may have been known as a legendary pilot, but he had another, more sinister position in American History: as a Nazi sympathizer

Joseph Goebbels viewing the 1937 Degenerate Art Exhibition.

Eighty Years Later, Two Exhibits Confront the "Degenerate Art" Purge

In 1937, the Nazis confiscated modernist art from museums and put it up for ridicule in an exhibit that still reverberates today

Did a Nazi Submarine Attack a Chemical Plant in North Carolina?

Multiple eyewitnesses say that one night in 1943, their calm, quiet beach briefly became a war zone

Built in a World War II-era civilian bunker, the Berlin Story Museum includes a controversial replica of the bunker Adolf Hitler died in

Berlin Exhibit Confronts Hitler's Rise to Power

Asking 'Hitler--how could it happen,' the exhibit warns the dangers of dictatorship

American soldiers sift through art looted by the Nazis at Neuschwanstein Castle in 1945

Legal Fight Over Nazi-Looted Painting Ends After 26 Years

The heirs to the Paul Klee masterpiece, which was seized 80 years ago as "degenerate art," have finally reached a settlement with the city of Munich

Newly Released Documents Reveal Churchill’s Efforts to Suppress Details of Nazi Plot

The British leader did not want the public to know about a Nazi plan to kidnap Edward VIII

The flea-market Enigma machine

WWII Enigma Machine Found at Flea Market Sells for $51,000

The legendary coding machine was first unearthed by a mathematician with a careful eye who purchased it for roughly $114

This 1540 painting by Titian has had 11 owners.

New Website Tracks Paintings Provenance from Brush to Gallery Wall

<i>Mapping Paintings</i> makes it easier to figure out an artwork’s chain of ownership

USS Ranger traverses the Panama Canal during World War II

Documents Show Chile Foiled Nazi Plot to Attack Panama Canal

Files released by Chile's Investigations Police show a special unit busted two Nazi spy rings in South America

The Hell Gate Bridge in NY, one of the main targets

The Inside Story of How a Nazi Plot to Sabotage the U.S. War Effort Was Foiled

J. Edgar Hoover’s FBI took the credit, but it was really only because of a German defector that the plans were blown

A member of the federal police holds an hourglass with Nazi markings, one of the 75 Nazi artifacts seized from an Argentinian house this June.

Trove of Nazi Artifacts Found in Secret Room of Argentina Home

A bust of Hitler, a knife with Nazi markings and a medical device for measuring heads were among the objects uncovered by authorities

Joseph Goebbels viewing the 1937 Degenerate Art Exhibition.

Why It’s So Hard to Find the Original Owners of Nazi-Looted Art

International experts recently gathered at Smithsonian to discuss the state of international provenance research

Boy reporter Tintin and his dog Snowy portrayed in a sign. Although Tintin's later adventures are fairly innocent, the comic has dark roots.

When the Nazis Took Belgium, Tintin's Creator Drew Pro-Regime Propaganda

Hergé's politics have been the subject of debate over the years

During World War II, the Associated Press brokered a photo exchange deal with the Third Reich.

American Journalists Used Nazi-Provided Photos During World War II

A new report reveals more details about the Associated Press’ secret deal with the Third Reich

This memorial to the victims of Nazi Germany's "euthanasia" program was erected in Berlin in 2000.

German Scientists Will Study Brain Samples of Nazi Victims

A research society is still coming to grips with its past—and learning more about how the Third Reich targeted people with disabilities

Heinrich Schliemann discovered the archaeological site of Troy, but his discovery also boosted the visibility of swastikas.

The Man Who Brought the Swastika to Germany, and How the Nazis Stole It

Even after decades, the symbol can’t shake free from its evil associations

Aurochs illustration from Sigismund von Herberstein's book published in 1556

When the Nazis Tried to Bring Animals Back From Extinction

Their ideology of genetic purity extended to aspirations about reviving a pristine landscape with ancient animals and forests

Hitler used Mercedes cars as part of his stagecraft, presenting a foreboding image of Nazi Germany.

Why Americans Flocked to Catch a Glimpse of Hitler's Car

At carnivals and state fairs across the country, curious onlookers were drawn to the Fuhrer's chariot

Group with flags in the forest: Michael Walter, Miklos Roth, Szlama Weichselblatt, Avram Leder, Halina Bryks, Naftali Steinberg, Roman Kniker, Jakob Kahan

This Orphanage Did More Than Find Homes for Children of the Holocaust. It Helped Them Reclaim Their Humanity

Run by the United Nations, Kloster Indersdorf took a revolutionary approach in caring for its charges

A reproduction of the "Tower of Blue Horses," which hasn't been spotted since the late 1940s.

Two New Exhibitions Celebrate a Long-Lost Painting

The "Tower of the Blue Horses" is gone, but not forgotten

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