Generosity and Standards

Smithsonian Institution Archives

Destination: Cruising through the Archives


Smithson's Best Bet


Destination: Take a Walk on the Wild Side

Taking a short "Smithsonian Journey" through the museums' amazing collections

Isamu Noguchi Garden Museum

An Oasis of Art

Long Island City's best-kept secret, the Isamu Noguchi Garden Museum offers a rare insight into the sculptor's work


The Liveliest Museum

National Museum of Natural History

Backstage at the Museum

Behind the scenes, an expert unites teams and budgets, treasures and cases--reality and dreams


Museums and Marketing

As philanthropy ebbs, the Smithsonian Council advises prudence in our search for corporate sponsorship


In Praise of Shadows

Artfully balancing them is just one of the tricky tasks faced by designers of museum lighting

The Artrain in 2006

An Art Museum That Can Go Wherever the Railroads Run

It started in 1971 in Michigan; now, Artrain is on a three-year nationwide tour, bringing an exhibition from the Smithsonian to 100 towns

National Museum of the American Indian

A New Vision for a Museum on the Mall

Architect Douglas Cardinal hopes to realize his plan for making the National Museum of the American Indian into a Washington landmark

Fabergé Winter-Egg

Fabergé's Labor of Love: A Case of Cherchez la Femme

After a spectacular collection was given to a Paris museum, the story emerged of how a princess kept the flame of love burning


If You Can't Bear to Part With It, Open a New Museum

Because the chances are, if you love your Mario Lanza albums or your old skate key, there are others who feel the same way

Photo of Robert Ripley, the creator of Believe It or Not

Believe It or Not, Rip Was Almost as Odd as His Items

Incredible! Incomparable! Robert L. Ripley, who won fame and fortune by celebrating the outlandish, was himself a prime example

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