A new exhibition explores how failure relates to success.

Why It's Time to Show Failure Some Respect

An Irish exhibition titled "Fail Better" argues that flubs make success possible

What’s the Conflict Over the Museum of Conflict?

The outside of the museum is almost done, but it’s the content inside that is raising concerns


The Impressive Results of When You Ask Architects to Build With Gingerbread

From Modernist reconstructions to favorite museums, these confectionary constructions are sights to behold

Mindlessly Snapping Photos at Museums Keeps People From Remembering the Actual Visit

People might use cameras as a crutch for returning to and remembering things later rather than paying attention to what is transpiring in the moment


Asian-Latino Artwork "Pops Up" in Outdoor Museum

See works by Asian American and Latino artists, presented by the Smithsonian Asian-Latino Festival

Delacroix’s La Liberté to be on display at the new Louvre-Lens museum in the Pas-de-Calais

The Louvre Museum Is Having a Baby!

This December the French town of Lens will be welcoming a new branch museum of the Louvre

Stuhr Museum's 1890s Railroad Town features dozens of historic homes and businesses

The List: 5 Great Museums To Visit for our Annual Museum Day

This Saturday, September 24, be sure to download a free ticket to visit any one of more than 1,300 participating museums nationwide

Ned Kahn's Rain Oculus is a 70-foot-wide whirlpool at the Marina Bay Sands complex in Singapore. The huge whirlpool can circulate 6,000 gallons of water per minute and funtions as a kinetic sculpture, skylight and waterfall.

Ned Kahn: The Limits of the Knowable

By channeling the elements of wind and water, the environmental sculptor’s designs inspire awe and curiosity in museum visitors

Doing the Ring Shout in Georgia, ca. 1930s Members of the Gullah community express their spirituality through the “ring shout” during a service at a local “praise house.”

Anacostia Community Museum Attempts Record-Breaking Ring Shout

Traditional dance in which participants dance counterclockwise in a circle to the beat of clapping and a stick that is banged on a wooden surface

Nina Simon advises museums how to involve visitors in the design of exhibitions.

Nina Simon, Museum Visionary

The author helps museums create systems in which visitors participate in exhibition design

An 1868 surgery kit, part of Harvard's Warren Anatomical Museum.

Highlights From the Warren Anatomical Museum

The collections inside this museum hold intriguing objects that tell the story of 19th century American medicine


Visit a Science Museum on Saturday

The Guggenheim was Wright's crowning achievement.  "The strange thing about the ramp—I always feel I am in a space-time continuum, because I see where I've been and where I'm going," says the director of the Frank Lloyd Wright Archives.

The Triumph of Frank Lloyd Wright

The Guggenheim Museum, turning 50 this year, showcases the trailblazer's mission to elevate American society through architecture

The Audubon Insectarium is the largest freestanding museum in the country dedicated solely to insects and relatives.

Going Buggy at the New Audubon Museum

Crickets, spiders, ants and many other insects thrive in historic New Orleans, where kids and adults learn about creepy crawlers

High school senior Ferris Bueller skips class with his girlfriend and his best friend to take a life-affirming joy ride through Chicago.

Five Movies That Memorably Feature Museums

The ‘Night at the Museum’ films aren’t the only films that take place largely in the confines of a museum

Shawn Levy, director of both Night at the Museum films, hopes his latest film will inspire people to visit America's museums.

Q and A with Director Shawn Levy

The director of both Night at the Museum movies talks about the ups and downs of filming at the Smithsonian

The ivory pleated dress worn by Marilyn Monroe in the 1955 comedy “The Seven Year itch” is the most popular attraction at the Debbie Reynolds Hollywood Motion Picture Museum.

Hollywood on Exhibit

Movie memories come to life inside the filmmaking collections of these seven museums

Woman's four-piece ball gown.  Europe, circa 1868.

Costume’s Cultural Reveal

The Los Angeles County Museum aims to draw new visitors and historic insights with a landmark costume acquisition

"Sleepover with the Sharks" is one of two overnights the museum offers.

Nights at the Museums

You don't have to be Ben Stiller to spend the night behind the scenes at a museum

The drawing room of Sir John Soane’s Museum

Small House Museums

Details on visiting these unique institutions

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