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Kami Rita Sherpa Summits Everest a Record 24 Times

The mountain guide topped out on the world's tallest peak twice in just the last week

An average of 365 plastic particles fell each day on a square meter collector at the Bernadouze meteorological station over the course of five months.

Microplastics Found in Remote Region of France's Pyrenees

A new study shows just how far the pollutants can travel–and suggests that it is not only city dwellers who are at risk of exposure

Nepal's first solo mission to measure its iconic peak will determine whether Mount Everest lost some of its height after an earthquake in 2015.

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Nepalese Expedition Seeks to Find Out if an Earthquake Shrunk Mount Everest

Scientists and climbers have trained for three years to prepare to take various types of survey's from the summit of the world's highest peak

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Melting Glaciers on Denali Will Unleash Tons of Human Poop

An estimated 66 tons of feces left behind by climbers is coming out of the deep freeze on North America's highest peak

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The Carcasses That Mountain Lions Leave Behind Power Entire Insect Ecosystems

A new study shows 215 species of beetles rely on the big cats' leftovers

As glaciers melt, the Himalayan region will face extreme weather ranging from floods to drought and unpredictable monsoon rains

The Himalayas Could Lose Two-Thirds of Its Glaciers by 2100

Even if the most ambitious global climate targets are met, the Asian mountain range is poised to lose at least one-third of its glaciers

In the high altitudes of the Himalayas, many wolves have developed distinct traits from their gray wolf cousins.

Should the Himalayan Wolf Be Classified as a New Species?

Years of expeditions in the world's tallest mountain range reveal that Himalayan wolves have developed genetic adaptations to living at high altitudes

Trekking paths leading to Everest Base Camp

This Greenhouse on Mount Everest Is One of the World's Highest Gardens

A Sherpa couple built their own greenhouse to grow vegetables at 13,100 feet

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Newly Discovered Cave Could Be Among Canada's Largest

The "Sarlacc Pit," as its been informally dubbed, was discovered last spring during a caribou survey in British Columbia's Wells Gray Provincial Park

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New Map Chronicles Three Decades of Surface Mining in Central Appalachia

The data shows about 1.5 million acres of forest have been affected by surface and mountaintop mining since the 1970s

This Spectacular Canadian Wildlife Reserve Is So Remote, You Can Only Get There Five Weeks a Year

Among serious adventure seekers, word is spreading about Torngat Mountains National Park—an Inuit-run reserve in Labrador, Northeastern Canada

This Alpine peak is the new home of a James Bond museum.

Mountaintop Museum Highlights the History of Bond—James Bond

The new 007 Elements museum is built into the top of an Alpine mountain and features a full-size airplane from the movie <i>Spectre</i>

Here's Why Mount Si Stands Out in TV History

While Seattle is surrounded by dramatic peaks on all sides, the relatively small Mount Si sticks out as a key location in the iconic TV series, Twin Peaks

One of the Most Dangerous Mountain Passes in the World

The Sani Pass, which cuts through the mountain peaks between South Africa and Lesotho, is known for being a death-defying experience

Vinicunca, the "Rainbow Mountain" in Peru

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Peru's Rainbow Mountain Could Be in Danger Following Surge in Popularity

Up to 1,000 tourists visit the colorful ridge every day. But this influx of people is eroding the nature

Trail Ridge Road in Rocky Mountain National Park gives a view of Neníisótoyóú’u (Longs Peak) in Colorado, left of center.

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This Account is Reclaiming the Indigenous Names for Mountains One Geotag at a Time

A Navajo climber is leading a social media campaign to spread awareness of the indigenous names of peaks

The beginning of the Crazy Horse Memorial.

The Memorial to Crazy Horse Has Been Under Construction For Almost 70 Years

But you can still visit the memorial, which is located in South Dakota

Reaching the summit of the Matterhorn made Annie Smith Peck well-known.

Three Things to Know About Pants-Wearing Mountaineer Annie Smith Peck

Peck wasn’t wealthy and her family, who did have money, didn’t approve of her globe-trotting, mountain-climbing, pants-wearing lifestyle

The Sphinx in late August

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Scotland's Oldest Remaining Snow Patch Expected to Soon Disappear

Known as 'The Sphinx,' the icy spot on the mountain Braeriach hasn't completely melted for 11 years

Mount Aragats in Aragatsotn, Armenia.


Why This Composer Made Melodies Out of Mountainsides

This forgotten Armenian musicologist literally drew the landscapes into his folksong scores

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