10 Landscapes That Will Convince You to Travel to Taiwan Now

These photos will transport you to mysterious forest and hotspring-dotted islands

It is not uncommon for highlands churches to be situated within caves. Mekina Medhane Alem, built of wood and layered stone, contains 800-year-old paintings but is believed to be centuries older.

Portraits of Faith

A Legendary Photographer Visits an Isolated Christian Community in Ethiopia

High in the mountains of eastern Africa, an ancient way of life continues apace

As he led his troops into the mountains, Hannibal vowed: “You will have the capital of Italy, the citadel of Rome, in the hollow of your hands.”

How (and Where) Did Hannibal Cross the Alps?

He pulled off one of the greatest military feats ever. Now new scientific evidence points to Hannibal's legendary route to Rome

The interior of the 1876 Glaciarium

The First Artificial Skating Rinks Looked Pretty But Smelled Terrible

Before the technology to reliably freeze water existed, the first rinks used pig fat and salts

New Research

Sherpas Evolved to Live and Work at Altitude

The Nepali ethnic group handles oxygen more efficiently, allowing them to more easily live in the mountains

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Has Hillary Step on Mount Everest Collapsed?

A British mountaineer says yes, but authorities in Nepal have denied his assertions

It's peak waterfall season in Yosemite National Park—and epic snowmelt means it's better than ever.

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Chasing Waterfalls? Head to Yosemite

Don’t stick to the rivers and the lakes that you’re used to—recent snowmelt is fueling spectacular falls

As many as 4,000 snow machines could soon preserve the ice on this Swiss glacier.

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Can Snow Machines Save Swiss Glaciers?

As many as 4,000 could be deployed to insulate ice on Morteratsch

"The first ascent of the Matterhorn," by Gustave Dore, who was not actually there.

The Tragic Story of the First Ascent of the Matterhorn

Edward Whymper had tried seven times to reach the top of the Matterhorn. He made it on the eighth try–at great cost

Flying toward Denali as a snow storm approached the mountain range.

There Are Two Versions of the Story of How the U.S. Purchased Alaska From Russia

The tale of "Seward's Folly" must also be seen through the eyes of Alaska's native populations

Mt. Etna spews lava during the early hours of Thursday, March 16, 2017

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High-Pressure Pockets Cause Fiery Blast at Mount Etna

Ten people were injured in the surprise blast

Nuptse with the peak of Mount Everest behind it

New Research

Did an Earthquake Make Mount Everest Shorter? New Expedition Aims to Find Out

India and Nepal both plan to determine if the 2015 earthquake that devastated Nepal caused the world's highest peak to lose an inch

This image from the Landsat 7 satellite depicts snow near the border of Morocco and Algeria, south of the city of Bouarfa and southwest of Ain Sefra.

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Snow Falls in the Sahara for the First Time Since 1979

A cold snap in the Algerian city of Ain Sefra led to a snowfall that covered the area's distinctive orange dunes

With its peace accords up in the air, the Colombia's diverse ecosystems face an uncertain future. Shown here: the valley of Cocora near Salento, Colombia.

How Colombia's Failed Peace Treaty Could Wreak Havoc on Its Diversity-Rich Ecosystems

A potential influx of legal and illegal mining leaves the country's megadiverse landscapes—and the communities who depend on them—in jeopardy

Water drained from the tunnel will feed new aquaculture farms nearby.

Beneath a Mountain in Switzerland Lies the World’s Longest Shortcut

The massive structure, running 35.4 miles through the Alps, begins full operations this December

Cool Finds

Awesome New Maps Show Alaska in High-Resolution Detail

The ArcticDEMs are the first set of detailed elevation maps of the Great White North

This marker denotes both the highest point in Finland and the border with Norway.

Norway Wants to Give Finland a Mountain

If the country succeeds, it will be the world's best 100th-birthday gift

The leaves stained with Albert I's blood

New Research

Bloody Leaves Help Solve 82-Year-Old Royal Mystery

King Albert's untimely death sparked a range of conspiracy theories about the cause

Ski mountaineering legend Kit DesLauriers ascends Mt. Isto, the new highest peak in the Brooks Range

Cool Finds

After 60 Years, An Expedition Determines Highest Peaks in U.S. Arctic

Glaciologist Matt Nolan and ski mountaineer Kit DesLauriers tested a new mapping system to end uncertainty about the highest mountain in the Brooks Range

The dug out end of the tunnel, as photographed in 2009.

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The Longest, Deepest Train Tunnel in the World Is About to Open

It goes straight through the base of the Alps

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