This Tube is full of mosquitoes.

The London Underground Has Its Own Mosquito Subspecies

Take a bite out of this strange evolutionary example

This fresco would have been the height of fashion among residents of Roman London.

Archaeologists Discovered a Roman Fresco Beneath the Streets of London

This ornate, hand-painted wall was once considered to be the height of fashion in Londinium

Keeper Jessica Jones with Lamas and Alpacas during the annual animal stocktake at ZSL London Zoo, UK.

The London Zoo Is Making its Annual Headcount This Week

Ensuring every animal is present and accounted for

Pink Gumdrops Are Solving a Sticky Crisis in London

The receptacles are part of the world's first chewing gum recycling program

Big Ben is Running Fast

Or is it slow?

New lanes on London's Regents Canal urge human bikers, runners and walkers to break for ducklings.

London Adds Special Lanes for Ducks

A city charity has painted pathways for waddlers on Regents Canal walkways

London’s Congestion Pricing Plan Is Saving Lives

By charging $17.34 for a trip downtown during peak hours, London has reduced traffic fatalities by 40 percent

An aerial view shows the location of the culture and university district, a 4.5-acre triangular site, near the London Aquatics Centre, the former Olympic Stadium and the ArcelorMittal Orbit sculpture and observation tower.

The Smithsonian May Go for the Gold, Opening a Venue at London's Olympic Grounds

The Smithsonian Regents give museum officials the thumbs-up to explore opening a new gallery in London and the mayor there says, "Welcome to our city"

What's the Best Place to Live? It May Depend on Your Personality

Why you'll thrive in some neighborhoods (and feel miserable in others)

In London, Sherlock Holmes is happy to stop for a quick chat.

You’ll Soon Be Able to Talk to London And Manchester’s Statues

Just scan a tag near the statues with your cell, and they'll call you with a quick first-person history lesson

A shrine marking London's Cross Bones Graveyard.

The London Graveyard That’s Become a Memorial for the City’s Seedier Past

Thousands of bodies from London’s first red light district are buried beneath a lot in the South Bank, an area under massive redevelopment

Ridley's film focuses on Hendrix in the years before he became famous, 1966-1967.

The Oscar-Winning Writer John Ridley, Talks About His New Jimi Hendrix Movie

The writer and director of <i>Jimi: All Is by My Side</i> speaks about making living history from legend

For "Night at the Museum: Secret of the Tomb," Larry and the gang travel to the British Museum in London.

Here's the Trailer for the Final "Night at the Museum" Installment

Last time, "Night at the Museum" came to Smithsonian. Now Larry and company are headed to London.

Thames Houseboats

10,000 People Live in Houseboats on London’s Waterways

High rent prices have driven Londoners onto the water

These Alien-Looking Metal Domes Are Keeping London Safe And Dry

The flood barrier that protects London closed fifty times this winter—a new record

Officially, More People Died Falling Off the Great Fire of London Monument Than in the Fire—But Only Officially

Which makes more sense, considering the fire destroyed nearly 90 percent of the homes in the city

Prison Food Graffiti

In a Handful of Prisons, Inmates Are Being Trained in the Restaurant Business

Real-world experience is hard to come by behind bars, but some charities and prisons are working to change that

St Martin's In the Fields William Logsdail

See London in Double Vision—How It Looks Today And How Artists Saw It Years Ago

These pictures of modern London streets mashed up with old artwork are a sight to see

A redesigned egg carton from Gil Rodrigues.

These Redesigned Egg Cartons and Tea Bags Let You Play With Your Breakfast Meal

To reimagine your morning meal, one designer looks to bridge engineering and another to common sense.

London's Looking at Building Bike Lanes in the Sky

The dedicated bike lanes could improve some commuter's trips by nearly 30 minutes

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