The "Saucy Jacky" postcard

Were the Jack the Ripper Letters Fabricated by Journalists?

Linguistic analysis indicates at least two of the most infamous letters were likely written by the same person—and that person was not the Ripper

A phoenix rising from the ashes in a 13th-century bestiary

Rare Magical Manuscripts Go on Display at the British Library

The exhibition, which will also travel to New York, explores the history of magic to mark the 20th anniversary of Harry Potter

The formerly wobbly Millennium Bridge

What Makes Bridges Wobble? Your Awkward Walk

A new study asks: How many people does it takes to set a pedestrian bridge a-swaying?

Buskers audition for licenses to make their living in the stations of the London Underground

How to Busk the London Underground

It's a lucrative gig, but it means passing a strenuous process of auditions to find the very best subway musicians

Brawling was one of the few ways available to settle disputes among lower-class Londoners, potentially leading to injuries and deaths

Medieval Graveyards Unearth London’s Violent Past

A new analysis of hundreds of ancient skulls shows how often violent trauma affected the poor and the rich

Princess Diana's desk and some of her belongings, including her music and ballet shoes.

Buckingham Palace Remembers Princess Diana With New Exhibit

Many of the objects on display were selected by Diana's sons

London Tube Scraps 'Ladies and Gentlemen' Announcements

Officials say they want all passengers to feel welcome on the Underground

Secret Tunnels Under London, Once Used to Hide Art During WWI, Open to the Public for the First Time

Explore the 6.5-mile-long network of hidden mail tunnels starting this July

"Oh, hello. I didn't see you there. I was just catching up on my latest diary entry."

Samuel Pepys Was England's First Blogger

The famed blogger—okay, diarist—told historians so much about 17th-century daily life in England, but he could have told us so much more

When Londoners worried about losing their jobs in 1517, they turned against foreigners.

On Evil May Day, Londoners Rioted Over Foreigners Stealing Their Jobs

It’s been 500 years since London’s artisans turned a festival into a rampage

This historic map shows London in the 18th century.

Stanford Researchers Map the Feelings Associated With Different Parts of London

The university's Literary Lab combed British novels from the 18th and 19th centuries to determine if areas elicited happiness or fear

Men smoke pipes and drink on the London streets. Booth's police notebooks reveal the everyday habits of Londoners.

Explore the Seedy Reality of a London Long Gone

Charles Booth explored the poorest parts of England’s capital—and changed the way social scientists think about the world

Secrets of the Tower of London

Before it was a popular tourist attraction, the Tower of London was, well, just about everything else

Suspected 1665 Great Plague pit unearthed at Crossrail Liverpool Street site

DNA from 17th-Century Teeth Confirms Cause of London’s Great Plague

Skeletons excavated from a mass grave during London’s Crossrail project yield new clues about the ancient mystery

Oil painting of the Great Fire, seen from Newgate.

The Great Fire of London Was Blamed on Religious Terrorism

Why scores of Londoners thought the fire of 1666 was all part of a nefarious Catholic conspiracy

Piccadilly Circus, circa 1949.

Tour the London of Yore With a Gigantic New Photo Map

The London Picture Map brings an old city to new life

Give Me a Drink, HAL: Artificial Intelligence Helps Design New Beer

IntelligenceX uses AI to guide its brewmaster's tweaks

An illustration of the Tate Modern's new Switch House expansion.

The Expanded Tate Modern Opens Its Doors Friday

The museum is being called the UK’s most important new cultural building since the British Library

An artist's rendering of the 3-D Triumphal Arch in London

Palmyra Arch Destroyed by ISIS Rises Again in Central London

Using 3-D photos and computer guided stonecutters, researchers recreated the Triumphal Arch destroyed by the terrorist group last year

The Grand Entrance Hall to the Thames Tunnel has been restored and reopened to the public.

Historic Sites of the London Underground Will Soon Open for Visitors

See Churchill’s blitz bunker and the first underwater tunnel ever built

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