Cat cafe in Tokyo

Pay Purr Pet at Japan's Cat Cafés

For a small fee, visitors can sip on drinks while surrounded by friendly felines

Kagoshima Nanatsujima Mega Solar Power Plant.

Is Japan’s Offshore Solar Power Plant the Future of Renewable Energy?

The densely populated nation has found a new way to harness the power of the sun

Traveling to Japan—Through a Symphony of Smells

A new performance, staged in Los Angeles this weekend, revives one man's failed attempt to put on a smell and sound production more than a century ago

Japan’s Newest Island Has Merged With Its Neighbor

Ongoing volcanic activity has caused Japan's newest island to merge with its neighbor

Scientists had to use a remotely operated vehicle to retrieve temperature sensors from a borehole drilled into the Japan Trench, 6,900 meters below the surface of the Pacific Ocean.

Fault That Caused Japan's 2011 Earthquake Is Thin and Slippery

A group of scientists drilled miles beneath the Pacific Ocean, uncovering conditions that made the Tohoku-Oki earthquake and tsunami so devastating

A circa 1925 woodcut by Unpo Takashima depicts Tokyo's Ueno district ablaze. "Each new gust of wind," reported Joseph Dahlmann, a Jesuit priest who witnessed the calamity from a hilltop, "gave new impulse to the fury of the conflagration."

The Great Japan Earthquake of 1923

The powerful quake and ensuing tsunami that struck Yokohama and Tokyo traumatized a nation and unleashed historic consequences

Travelers walked the Kiso Road as early as A.D. 703. Old stones still identify it as part of the Nakasendo, the inland highway connecting Kyoto and Tokyo.

A Walk Through Old Japan

An autumn trek along the Kiso Road wends through mist-covered mountains and rustic villages graced by timeless hospitality

All that remains of Hagi Castle are its ruins.  Built in 1604, the castle is located in the peaceful Shizuki Park at the northwestern tip of the city.

Finding Serenity on Japan's San-in Coast

Far from bustling Tokyo, tradition can be found in contemplative gardens, quiet inns and old temples

Zen Garden of Kyoto

The Tranquil Zen Garden of Kyoto

With Zen rocks strategically placed in carefully raked white sand, the Ryoan-ji garden evokes peace and beauty


In The Pursuit of Perfect Craft: An Artisan's Lifework

Over decades of inspired workmanship, Hiroshima Kazuo has fashioned baskets that bespeak the everyday life of an isolated rural Japan

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