Paul Allen used his superyacht Octopus to locate a Japanese battleship near the Philippines.

Microsoft Billionaire Finds Enormous Sunken Japanese Battleship

Paul Allen used his megayacht to locate the long-lost ship, which has been missing since World War II

Tuna are a hot commodity in Japan at this time of year — so hot that a sushi chef paid $37,500 for a single fish. Here, dogtooth tuna swim in the Indian Ocean.

The Same Guy Keeps Spending Insane Amounts of Money to Buy Japan’s First Tuna of the Season

This year, he bought it for $37,500—which he considered cheap

Typhoons Saved 13th Century Japan From Invasion

Geologic evidence supports historic accounts of the great "Kamikaze" of 1274 and 1281

"The Traveler's Eye: Scenes from Asia," at the Sackler Gallery through May 2015, features more than 100 mementos from travels around the Asian continent. This postcard is from early-20th-century China.

Before Instagram, Memorializing Asia’s Most Traveled Roads

From Moroccan postcards to Japanese scrolls, the Sackler Gallery explores five centuries of travel around the Asian continent

Scotland Is No Longer Home to the World’s Best Whiskys

When it comes to whisky, Japan, the US and even England now reign supreme

Eyewitness images shot by a hiker trapped on the top of Mout Ontake. The hiker was able to descend after a few hours through deep ash.

Japan's Mount Ontake Erupted Suddenly Over the Weekend

36 hikers are feared dead; because of toxic gas, rescue operations have been suspended

Japanese artist Chiharu Shiota tied red yarn to hundreds of unpaired shoes for "Perspectives," opening August 30 at the Arthur M. Sackler Gallery.

What's In a Shoe? Japanese Artist Chiharu Shiota Investigates

An artist takes on the soul in the sole of your shoes in an exhibition at the Sackler Gallery of Art

Survival tools and various equipment are displayed at the headquarters building of the Tokyo Rinkai Disaster Prevention Park recently developed on the waterfront on Sunday, January 20, 2013

Tokyo Has Built Disaster Preparedness Into the Fabric of the City

Refuge parks stocked with food and water are ready for the next disaster

No wonder unagi is so popular - this picture looks good enough to eat!

How Will Japan Celebrate Summer Without Unagi

The freshwater eel is now endangered, but who is to blame and what are the best substitutes?

This 71-Year-Old Just Set a Record With His 1,673th Ascent of Mt. Fuji

The mountaineer says that now he's ready to tackle Everest

After WWII, Japan Made One of the World's Strongest Commitments to Military Pacifism—Which It's Now Going to Soften

Prime Minister Shinzo Abe is trying to rejigger Japan's long-standing commitment to pacificism

Rabbits around old military facilities on Okunoshima.

This Once-Secret Island Now Hosts Hordes of Adorable Bunnies

Now home to hundreds of semi-tame bunnies, the island once housed poison gas facilities

Even Tiny Amounts of Radioactive Food Made Caterpillars Become Abnormal Butterflies

Even a tiny amount of radioactive food can turn caterpillars into mutated butterflies

View of Takanawa Ushimachi under a Shrouded Moon, Kobayashi Kiyochika,1879

Tokyo in Transition: Woodblock Prints Cast an Ambiguous Light on Japan's Modernization

A collection of works by the great Eastern modernist Kobayashi Kiyochika are on view at the Arthur M. Sackler Museum

On December 10, 1941, Joy Cummings poses with one of the four cherry trees vandalized at Washington, DC's Tidal Basic.

After Pearl Harbor, Vandals Cut Down Four of DC's Japanese Cherry Trees

In response to calls to destroy all the trees, officials rebranded them as "Oriental" rather than "Japanese"

Japan Has Been Ordered to Stop Whaling Near Antarctica

The United Nations called foul on Japan's claim that whaling is done for scientific purposes

Kamakura Shirts owner Yoshio Sadasue opened a New York store on Madison Avenue.

How Japan Copied American Culture and Made it Better

If you’re looking for some of America’s best bourbon, denim and burgers, go to Japan, where designers are re-engineering our culture in loving detail

Japan Plans to Halve the Number of Young Bluefin Tuna It Catches

Sushi might get more expensive, but tuna populations need the break

Tsunami walls in Japan were overrun by the 2011 tsunami

Japanese Towns Are Choosing Between Walls to Protect Against Tsunamis And Access to the Sea

Areas along the Japanese coast are building seawalls to prepare for the next big one

Chigusa, a tea jar, festooned with a traditional cover and ornamental cords.

Steeped in Admiration: Tracing a Ceramic Tea Jar's Journey From Factory to Fame

"Chigusa and the Art of Tea" at the Sackler Gallery explores how a humble vessel became a revered object among Japanese tea men.

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