Foraminifera provide scientists with an invaluable fossil record. Their exquisite outer shells, normally too small for the naked eye, inspired sculptures in Zhongshan, China.

Evolution World Tour: Foraminifera Sculpture Park, China

Some of the world's oldest organisms left behind fossilized shells that, when translated to a large sculpture, bring an artistic edge to evolution

Table Mountain is a flat-topped granite and sandstone massif that rises 3,562 feet above Cape Town, South Africa.

Take in South Africa From Table Mountain National Park

High above Cape Town, this craggy wildlife preserve provides sprawling views and thrilling hikes


Ten Infamous Islands of Exile

Established to banish dissidents and criminals, these islands are known for their one-time prisoners, from Napoleon to Nelson Mandela

Coro is a "unique example of a well-conserved urban area with Spanish, Antillean, Dutch and indigenous architectural influences," says Venezuelan architect Maria Eugenia Bacci.

Endangered Site: Port City of Coro, Venezuela

One of South America's best preserved towns, this Spanish colonial port city now faces deteriorating conditions

Zen Garden of Kyoto

The Tranquil Zen Garden of Kyoto

With Zen rocks strategically placed in carefully raked white sand, the Ryoan-ji garden evokes peace and beauty

Shoe-fitting fluoroscope, National Museum of American History.

Here's Looking at You, Kids

For three decades, the fluoroscope was a shoe salesman's best friend

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