"You & I," by Pranita Kocharekar.

This Company Transforms Indian Taxicabs Into Original Artworks

Intricately designed fabrics help taxi drivers stand out from the crowd

Nine Unique Gifts You Should Buy in Delhi

The embellished cave temples of Badami are among the earliest examples of rock-cut caves in southern India. The Chalukyas, who ruled over Deccan between the sixth and eighth centuries, oversaw the transition from rock-cut to freestanding, structural architecture.

The Remarkable Cave Temples of Southern India

Deccan's intricate monuments, many of which are carved into cliffs, date back to the sixth century

The city of Jodhpur spills out below Mehrangarh Fort, once the residence of the royal family.

The Fall and Rise of a Modern Maharaja

Born to a palace but stripped of his livelihood in the 1970s, Gaj Singh II created a new life dedicated to preserving royal Rajasthan

Smithsonian Journeys Travel Quarterly: India

Explore India's vibrant history, picturesque locales and delicious eats

Local Lens: Life on the Streets of Old Delhi

Instagram photographer Arjun Chhabra captures raw moments in the city's alleyways and courtyards

Brightly colored trucks are parked near the village of Murthal, a popular stopping place for weary travelers in search of a good meal.

Looking for Delicious, Authentic Cooking in India? Head to a Truck Stop

Known as dhabas, these roadside eateries serving classic meals offer a glimpse into India's culture and customs

Ruee Gawarikar's Goddess of Visas is a humorous take on the otherwise tedious and often anxiety-ridden process of applying for a work visa. Accordingly, the style of the work is exaggerated, ironic and dramatic.

What It Means to Live Life Working in the U.S. on a Visa

A piece of paper affixed to a passport is the subject of a new Smithsonian online exhibit

Mumbai's gigantic Dharavi slum will soon be home to a mobile museum.

Mumbai Is Getting a Museum Designed For and About Its Slums

But is a museum showcasing objects created by slum residents ethical or exploitative?

Cow dung cakes hold a nostalgic place in the memories of many Indians who recall burning the cakes for ritual fires and to stay warm during festivals like Diwali and Lohri.

India's Newest Internet Sensation: Cow Dung Patties

For recent migrants to the country's booming megacities, nothing says nostalgia like a pile of cow poo

The ashram's entrance was once closed to visitors, who had to sneak in or bribe a guard.

Abandoned Beatles Ashram Is Opened to the Public for the First Time in a Long, Long, Long Time

Get back to the site of the Fab Four's disastrous meditation retreat

Residents evacuate their homes in Chennai during catastrophic floods.

Five Things You Should Know about the Catastrophic Flooding in Chennai

Mass evacuations, a submerged airport and questions about the city's urban planning

Could This MIT Economist Make Banking Useful to the Poor?

Natalia Rigol is attempting to figure out if community information can help developing world banks decide who to lend to

A Rabari tribal elder, Rajasthan, 2010.

Steve McCurry's New Photography Book on India Has Been Decades in the Making

A conversation with the renowned photographer about his latest book of photographs

It Will Take Nine Years to Clean the Taj Majal

“Mudpack therapy” will help the iconic monument clean up its act

Children at the Free School Under the Bridge, an outdoor, donation-supported school under a highway overpass, learn about not just reading and math, but climate change and the ozone layer.

How India Is Teaching 300 Million Kids to Be Environmentalists

In an enormous undertaking, schoolchildren nationwide are learning about climate change and the environment

A resident walks along the border of an Indian enclave within Bangladesh

This Was the Turducken of Border Disputes

Dahala Khagrabari (#51) used to be a piece of India inside Bangladesh, inside India, inside Bangladesh

Water Wives: Men in India Marry Extra Women to Fetch Them Water

Parched regions of India depend on women who take on the time-consuming, inconvenient task of obtaining and carrying water

A man cools off using a water pipe at a train station in Allahabad, India.

A Heat Wave Has Killed Over 1,100 People in India

Scorching temperatures are having a disproportionate affect on the poor

An Artist Is Trying To Preserve India’s Fading Street Sounds

As shopping malls and suburbs come to Delhi, one woman fights to save the sound of its street vendors

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