A team of researchers has discovered carefully buried Iron Age chicken and hare bones that show no signs of butchery.

New Research

Hares and Chickens Were Revered as Gods—Not Food—in Ancient Britain

New research indicates that Iron Age Britons venerated brown hares and chickens long before modern Easter celebrations

Faithfuls kneel on the new restored Holy Stair (Scala Santa) at San Giovanni in Laterano in Rome.

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For the First Time in 300 Years, Pilgrims Can Climb These Holy Marble Steps

Worshippers can kneel up the 28 steps some believe Jesus ascended to receive his death sentence

Featuring a small plastic hinge binding both pieces together, this clever container became the perfect way to conceal treats from prying eyes.

Thank One of America's Most Prolific Inventors for the Hinged Plastic Easter Egg

Donald Weder holds some 1,400 U.S. patents for inventions, including the ubiquitous egg and a process for making plastic Easter grass

New Research

Tools Offer More Complex, Cooperative Picture of Easter Island Society

Basalt axes from one quarry area indicate cooperation between clans, not warfare over resources as previously hypothesized

An example of a moai wearing a red scoria pukao.

New Research

The Clever Way the Easter Island Statues Got Hats

A new analysis of the 13-ton red stone pukao show the carvings were likely rolled up ramps to the leaning statues

The Imperial Tsesarevich Easter Egg currently on display at the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts.

Where to See the Fabled Fabergé Imperial Easter Eggs

Remnants of a vanished past, Fabergé Easter eggs live on in museums and collections across the world

This 1898 photograph shows a young black boy holding hands with a young white girl during the Easter egg roll. The contraption on her head is an Easter bonnet.

The Curious History of the White House Easter Egg Roll

Thousands of families enter the lottery each year to take part in this White House tradition

The Innovative Spirit fy17

The Patents and Trademarks Behind Jelly Beans

Inventors have been improving the techniques and technologies used to make jelly beans for more than 150 years

Cool Finds

Tens of Thousands of Plastic Eggs Washed Up on a German Beach

It was an eggstravaganza

The Serbian Orthodox Cathedral of St. Sava after it was decimated by a fire on Orthodox Easter.

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A Historic Cathedral in New York City Goes up in Flames

The Cathedral of St. Sava caught fire just hours after the Orthodox congregation celebrated Easter

The Bisti Badlands in northern New Mexico is known for its Easter egg-like rock formations.

These Massive Rock Formations Look Just Like Cracked Eggs

Bisti Badlands’ bizarre eggs bring a bit of Easter to the New Mexico desert

This apparatus can be used to lay Easter bunny tracks. It dispenses flour in a pattern that resembles paw prints. The same device can be repurposed for Christmas, when it lays Santa's tracks or reindeer hoof prints.

14 Easter Inventions That Never Quite Took Off

This holiday take a look at these products, from egg coloring devices to tomb pendants

Jefferson Church, Walton Avenue at Jefferson, Los Angeles, 2012

The Passion of Christ, As Seen in Murals Around America

Photographer Camilo Jose Vergara looks at depictions of Jesus in murals across America

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5 Great Historical Myths And Traditions About Hot Cross Buns, a Pre-Easter Pastry

From solidifying friendships to driving evil spirits away, legends abound about these sweet dough balls

Tie Dye Egg by Lindsey Bull from last year's Big Egg Hunt in London

Cool Finds

The Hunt For Giant Easter Eggs Across New York City Is On

Not just any eggs—260 egg-shaped sculptures that range from ornate to modern

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