The FCC Just Voted to Preserve Net Neutrality

FCC passes “Preserving the Open Internet” rules by 3-2 vote

Chimpanzees May Have Their Own Form of Bilingualism

Humans aren’t the only primates capable of learning new “words” for the same object

A photo of Achatinella mustelina

How Endangered Snails Are Endangering Hawaiian Public Radio

The mating season of protected snails delay radio repairs during pledge season

Do We Doodle Because We Speak?

Scribbling and sketching aren’t just practices to idle time away, but a more fundamental indication of our need for language

Researchers have made an important first step towards engineering direct, brain-to-brain communication between humans.

Scientists Prove That Telepathic Communication Is Within Reach

An international research team develops a way to say “hello” with your mind

The corner in downtown Hartford where the first pay phone was installed

The Pay Phone's Journey From Patent to Urban Relic

The history of the device that is well on its way to becoming, well, history

The power of science fiction comes from the license to dream.

What Idea From Science Fiction Would You Most Like To See Become Reality?

Astronomers, writers and an astronaut weigh in with some interesting answers

A teenage boy sends a text message on his mobile phone as stands in the floodwater on the main street of Bentley in Doncaster.

Programmers Are Creating a Way for Your Phone to Get Online Even When Data Is Down

The Cosmos Browser uses text messages to browse the web

The Secret to Instagram's New Video App Is Already in Your Phone

The ability to create moving, time-lapse videos is in your hands, thanks to gyroscopes

A rendering illustrates how messages will appear in mid-air using Navdy's new dashboard head-up display.

Navdy Projects Apps and Text Messages Onto the Windshield of Almost Any Car

A California startup is launching a system that puts maps, texts and calls right at eye level

Google hosts its fourth-annual science fair. Shown here, the 2013 winners.

Google Thinks These 18 Teenagers Will Change the World

The global finalists of this year’s Google Science Fair take on cyberbullying countermeasures, tar sands cleanup and wearable tech

A trim cellphone accessory keeps you in touch when there's no cell service in sight.

No Network? This Device Will Get Texts Through No Matter What

The GoTenna smartphone accessory uses short-wave radio signals to send messages, no cell tower necessary

When Scientists, Social Media, and the Kardashians Collide

A commentary published in a scientific journal sparks a heated debate amongst scientists

Buff-Tailed Bumblebee (Bombus terrestris) in flight through Heather flowers

Sometimes Bumblebees Just Want to Do Their Own Thing

Bumblebees are strong communicators, but they don't always listen

An African penguin (Spheniscus demersus) calls out near Table Mountain National Park, Cape Town, South Africa.

Scientists Decode African Penguin Calls

Researchers are trying to figure out how "jackass" penguins—nicknamed for their braying vocalizations—communicate

A wearable wireless radio replaces your PIN code.

This Temporary Tattoo Can Unlock A Phone

Motorola and VivaLnk release an electronic sticker that replaces your passcode

It Will Soon Be Legal (Again) To Unlock Your Phone

A new law expected to go into effect soon will make it legal to unlock your phone

Lasers Make a Fiber Optic Cable Out of Thin Air

Just like a fiber optic cable, without the physical cable

Spider Silk is a Fine-Tuned Alert System

Web fibers can send a wide range of messages

These Psychologists Think We'd Be Happier If We Talked to Strangers More

Though you should definitely take this on a case-by-case basis.

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